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Literary Town to Be Constructed in Višegrad, Bosnia   
22 June 2011 | A town, inspired by the historical novel The bridge on the Drina by Yugoslavian writer Ivo Andrić will be built in Višegrad in Eastern Bosnia, in Republika Srpska.

According to the Serbian telegraph agency TANYUG it will be named Andrićgrad after the Nobel prize-winning author, and will aim at embodying the spirit of the town, as seen in the famous novel.

The construction will start on 28 June and its first stage is scheduled to be completed by September 2012, announced Republika Srpska's president Milorad Dodik and the film director Emir Kusturica, who authored the idea.

“This is going to be the first town in human kind history, which have raised, inspired by literature”, Kosturica was quoted to say. “It has been designed after the novel, where layers of 400 years history are blended together.”
Andrićgrad is expected to become the heart and soul of Višegrad – a town, which recent bloodstained history of ethnic feuds have left a thik layer of gloominess. Kosturica may use the new site as a stage for his own film interpretation of the book, on which he has been working for many years, said Dodik.

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