March 2, 2024

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11 freed Israeli hostages arrive in Israel and 33 Palestinian prisoners released

11 freed Israeli hostages arrive in Israel and 33 Palestinian prisoners released

Cover Image: This image provided by the Israeli Army shows 12-year-old Franco-Israeli Eyden Yahalomi reunited with his mother at the Kerem Shalom border crossing in Israel on November 28, 2023. Manual / AFP

  • Eleven Israeli hostages were released by Hamas on Monday evening, November 27. All have dual citizenship, three are French. Eight of these hostages are minors, the youngest being twin sisters, 3 years old.
  • Emmanuel Macron said he was “very happy” after the release of three Franco-Israeli youths, Aidan Yahalomi, 12, Sahar Calderon, 16, and Erez Calderon, 12. The father of these last two” remains in the hands of Hamas”Balambiya Me Patrick Klugman, Calderon family attorney.
  • Israel announced early Tuesday that it would release 33 Palestinian prisoners. The prime minister also approved a list of 50 Palestinian prisoners who could be released in exchange for fresh releases of Israeli hostages.
  • Qatar says a deal “It was decided to extend the two-day humanitarian ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.” Hamas confirmed that the moratorium, which was set to expire on Tuesday morning, would be extended until 6 a.m. Thursday (Paris time). However, Israel has not confirmed that the ceasefire will last.
  • Hamas announced “Working on a new list of hostages” To be released as part of an extension of the ceasefire.
  • According to the Palestinian Red Cross, 150 humanitarian aid trucks have entered the northern Gaza Strip since the ceasefire began. Earlier he had Accurate The aid in the trucks included food, water, baby formula and blankets.
  • French helicopter carrier DixmuidThe hospital, built to provide support to the wounded in the Gaza Strip, arrived in the Egyptian port of El-Arich on Monday., as the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas entered its fourth day, a port source told Agence France-Presse. According to the same source, the vessel includes “Two Operating Theaters” and approximately forty beds.
  • The Israeli president reminded Elon Musk on Monday “Great Role” During an interview in Israel, the billionaire had to play anti-Semitism. With Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Mr. Musk visited earlier.
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