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110 people are trapped



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Heavy flooding has occurred in the northwestern part of Athens in Greece. As of Tuesday evening, September 5, 110 people were still trapped on Mount Pelion. We take up the situation with journalist Alexias Kefalas, live from Athens.

Greek officials are concerned. Heavy rains are expected to continue till at least September 7. “Anxiety is high, Tuesday evening [5 septembre]. There are always 110 people. Don’t Tourists stuck in flood in the mountains PelionNext desire”Journalist mentions Alexias KephalasLive from Athens. She refers to these people as “In touch with firefighters”, But it is difficult to achieve them.

Athens is on high alert

“There is also great concern as this storm episode approaches On that day capital”A reminiscing journalist explains what the Athens area faced “Disaster Fire”. Officials fear massive flooding in central Athens. So they are asking people to limit their movement on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning.

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