April 19, 2024

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50 years after famous photo of Vietnamese baby girl burned with napalm

50 years after famous photo of Vietnamese baby girl burned with napalm

Photo by Nick Wood, taken on June 8, 1972 in the southern village of Trung Phang. vietmanEngraved in collective memory. Picture of this naked girl on the road, crying out in pain after being burned by napalm, passed down the generations. The girl is now 59 years old and has reportedly undergone her latest skin treatment CBS In the sent article Slate.

“Fifty years later, I am no longer a woman who was burned with napalm. I am now a friend, a helper, a grandmother and a survivor calling for peace,” Phan Tho Kim Fook, also known as Kim Fook, explained to American media.

“She’s always smiling”

That day, Kim Fook was playing outside with other children when soldiers shouted at them to run. Too late: the girl was badly burned by napalm. After photographing her, Nick Wood decides to help her and takes her to the hospital.

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Throughout his life, Kim Fook had to live with severe pain at times. But thanks for the treatment Laser, was able to follow the Miami Dermatology and Laser Institute for free and over the years, his health improved. “She’s doing well, she’s very happy, she’s always smiling,” said Nick Wood, who has been in contact with her.