May 30, 2024

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61 billion USD aid to kyiv will be what

61 billion USD aid to kyiv will be what

A vote in the US for a substantial aid package for Ukraine would allow for new weapons to be sent forward, but would also bring a psychological advantage to the Ukrainian military.

A decisive vote. After long and difficult negotiations, the US House of Representatives on Saturday, April 20, adopted a major aid package for Ukraine. 61 billion dollars (57 billion euros). That “Preventing the spread of war” And “Save thousands of lives”, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky quickly responded. On the contrary, the Russian president's spokesman confirmed that the decision would kill “More and more Ukrainians because of the Kyiv regime”.

The relief expressed by Kyiv and its allies is consistent with the sense of urgency on the front lines. “The situation in Ukraine is getting very difficult and it will be a few weeks”General Jérôme Bellistrandi, editor-in-chief, explains to franceinfo National Security Journal. The funds could reach the floor quickly, as the aid plan must be examined by the US Senate on Tuesday before reaching Joe Biden's desk for final signature. The president's spokesman also clarified that US aid to Ukraine would resume “immediately” After both Houses of Congress adopted this text. “The U.S. military has already said it is ready to begin transfers very quickly, as this aid has been on the table for months.”, confirms military historian Cédric Mas at franceinfo. Here's what this US aid could change on the ground.

Provision of new ammunition

The $61 billion aid package consists mainly of military and economic aid, although it also authorizes Joe Biden to seize and sell Russian assets used to finance the reconstruction of Ukraine. “Part of this assistance actually corresponds to purchases on American soil from American manufacturers for the US military, which can replenish its stocks and dispose of old equipment”, explains Cedric Moss. In detail, 23 billion dollars will be used to replace US weapons and stocks going to Ukraine by the US military, and 27.1 billion kyiv will finance the purchase of weapons, according to Ukrainian media. Hromatske. Almost 10 billion is also earmarked for non-military aid.

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The list of equipment sent by the United States has not yet been released, but the Ukrainian military should not expect to receive thousands of fighter jets quickly. “Missiles, ammunition, long-range missiles, anti-aircraft missiles will come.” Nicole Bacharan is a political scientist and historian specializing in the US at Franceinfo. “It will mainly be reserves of artillery ammunition, which the Ukrainians do not have to face Russian attacks, Cedric Moss explains. Some batteries, some artillery can fire only five or six rounds each day.”

High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) are pictured during a military exercise in Skade, Latvia on September 26, 2022.  (GINTS IVUSKANS / AFP)

For General Jerome Bellistrandi, sending equipment to Ukraine in two areas is urgent.Artillery munitions and ground-to-air defenses, including Himars rocket launchers that allow deep fire.” Unlike Israel and its famous and effective “Iron Dome”, Ukrainian territory is difficult to defend against air strikes, especially due to its size. The Russians have continued to escalate such attacks in recent weeks, including Wednesday's deadly strike in Chernihiv that killed 18 people.

A hope to capture the front row

New ammunition is critical for the Ukrainian military. “The Ukrainians cannot resume the ground offensive, but we must give them the means to defend themselves so that the Russians do not break the front line.”, analyzing General Jerome Pellistrandi. These past weeks, “Russia Tried to Take Advantage of So-Called Window of Vulnerability” On the front lines, Cedric remembers Mass, especially because of American aid and interception “Transfer of part of Western aid to Israel from October 7”.

“The operations and attacks were relentless on the part of the Russians (…), it was real carnage on both sides.”

Cedric Moss, Military Historian

At franceinfo

A few hundred meters of Russian advances every 2-3 days is at a higher price.”Cedric observes the mass again, “But there was no decisive advance, no decisive rise in the front.” However, the expert on security issues notes significant losses for Russian troops.

“It's a grind, but the problem is that this finesse is tiring the Ukrainian army”, observes General Jerome Pellistrandi for his part. According to him, after its failure last summer, Volodymyr Zelensky's troops cannot launch a new counteroffensive before 2025. “Ukraine does not have enough manpower to build offensive-capable battalions”, he believes. For Cedric Maas, the arrival of new ammunition will still allow Ukrainian public servants “Maybe take more risks on the front because, until then, every time he was in a difficult situation, he wanted to leave the ground”.

A significant psychological impact

US Congressional Aid Voting “Changes everything in your head”Cedric Moss assures. “War is a matter of morale. Today, Ukrainians have a perspective. They have an opportunity to bring down their resistance.” That “will improve morale for Ukrainians”Jerome Pellistrandi agrees. “For Q, it's a political and moral victory, with the Republican delegation reeling from the realization that Ukraine's collapse would be a major blow to America's credibility.”

“This is a signal sent to Moscow: there is no question about abandoning Ukraine.”

General Jerome Bellistrandi, editor-in-chief of “Revue Defense Nationale.”

At franceinfo

“There is clarity among the American political class, supported by a majority of public opinion, that America has not abandoned democracy and understands that Russia is a threat to Europe and the rest of the world.”Political scientist Nicole Bacharan analyzes “This is very bad news for Putin”And “Immediately, it's positive for Joe Biden.”She believes.

A pro-European message

“This referendum is a message to Europeans to confirm their support for Ukraine”General Jerome Pellistrandi assesses. “Europeans should not say to themselves: 'It's okay, we don't have to make any more efforts, but I think there is a real awareness.'”He adds.

The EU already agreed at the beginning of February to help kyiv with 50 billion euros (33 billion in loans and 17 billion in grants) in an extension of the EU budget until 2027. “The contribution is substantial and continues to grow.”Jerome Bellistrandi confirms.

EU leaders widely welcome aid to Ukraine. “It sends a clear message to the Kremlin.”European Council President Charles Michel responded On that day. It reflects “A Decisive Turning Point”, the head of Italian diplomacy, Antonio Tajani, also assessed. But Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk was more cautious. This enthusiastic defender of the Ukrainian ally was grateful On that day The United States insists on delaying the acceptance of this aid plan. “Better late than late. I hope it's not too late for Ukraine.”