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A journalist was assassinated in Tijuana


This is the second incident in a week in which a journalist has been assassinated in Tijuana. There was a journalist “Murdered”, On Sunday, January 23, in the northwestern city of Mexico, bordering the United States, a regional beauty site was announced. Photographer Margarito Martinez, collaborator of several Mexican publications, was killed Monday, Jan. 17, in Tijuana, near his home.

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Lourdes Maldonado Lopez killed “Gun while in the vehicle”, Baja California State Attorney’s Office said. An investigation has been launched.

This journalist has worked for many years as a Mexican media reporter in Tijuana. 1990. Since then he has worked in many media including The first news system (PSNFrom 2019 until the end of 2021 Baja is in a coalition led by the Governor of the State of California, Jaime Bonila, to coordinate the presidential party Morena.

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“We fear for my life”

MMe Lopez won a lawsuit a few days ago PSN, He was sued for nine years for unjustified dismissal, the Mexican press reported. The journalist asked President Andr மானs Manuel Lopez Obrador. “Support, help and justice because they fear for my life”, According to a video re-posted on social media during the announcement of his assassination.

“I have been under investigation for six years [Jaime Bonilla] », He announced there, and called on the head of state at one of his press conferences. According to some sources, the video was recorded two years ago. The president sent her back to him “Social Communication Coordinator” For (Spokesperson) He said [l]Help and [l]Support, so we seek justice so there is no abuse of power “.

Mexico is considered one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists, and has come under revenge from drug traffickers operating in many of the country’s 32 states.

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According to Agency France-Press, at least seven journalists were killed in 2021, each time trying to establish whether the victim was still active and whether his journalistic work had taken his life. According to the Human Rights Commission, about 100 journalists have been killed since 2000.

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