June 20, 2024

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A week before the presidential election, Erdogan defended his record and violently attacked the opposition

A week before the presidential election, Erdogan defended his record and violently attacked the opposition

A week before an important election for the country, the difference is striking. The turnout in Istanbul this weekend for the two main Turkish presidential candidates, outgoing President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his rival Kemal Kılıcedaroğlu, was not large – several hundred thousand people. Texts and their content.

The opposition coalition showed different tones and allowed its six leaders, on Saturday May 6, to express different opinions about the state of the country, with different recipes and proposals, still like the strongman. Ankara of Ankara, the next day, monopolized the microphone for more than an hour and a half on the tarmac of the old Atatürk Airport, and gave a speech that was more militant than political, at times confused and easily weighed down by some formula. An Erdogan with a logoria of great situations, but unable to break out of his polarizing speech.

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“On Sunday, May 14, we’re going to retire people you know.”Announced in the presence of the Turkish President “Today there are 1.7 million people here.”. The crowd was of all generations, many with families, small children or youth groups. Most girls and women wear at least one headscarf, sometimes a full black headscarf. Many men also wear beards and the turban or turban of the religious brotherhood. In large parking lots, 10,000 buses are rented from the city’s 39 municipalities, according to the AKP, the Justice and Development Party founded by Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2001.

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His successor candidate was then booed by the crowd. “Kilisadoglu is hanging around with terrorists, we will not allow the country to be divided”He made the promise, noting the support his opponent received from the HDP and the People’s Democratic Party (leftist and pro-Kurdish), which the president accuses of having links to Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militants.

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Istanbul mayor’s campaign bus pelted with stones

“In twenty one years, we have provided jobs and created livelihood for 21 million people through their work. We have built 10.5 million new homes and provided homes to families.Before crushing his opponents balance sheet he continued: “They have not planted a single tree, they have not laid a single stone. We have transformed this country. » And add: “When you chose your servant [à la mairie d’Istanbul en 1994], As there was no water in the surrounding areas, garbage piled up like a mountain. We have put sports equipment everywhere and connected 1.25 million homes to natural gas. We did it, explain it to them! » Loud applause.

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