June 14, 2024

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A woman dies mid-flight and her family is forced to be by her side

A woman dies mid-flight and her family is forced to be by her side

British mother dies mid-flight from Hong Kong to England Her husband and two children must have spent eight hours near her corpse. (Illustration) – Credit: NICOLAS ECONOMOU / NurPhoto / NurPhoto via AFP

UA sad and endless flight. As reported Guardian, Helen Rhodes, a mother of one, died in her sleep on Friday August 5 at the start of a flight between Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, forcing her family to experience a real ordeal. Unable to revive the victim, her inert body remained in her seat for another 8 hours with her two children and her husband while the plane made an emergency landing in Frankfurt, Germany.

“For the remaining 8 hours of the flight, Helen was suffocating in her seat. Although it was very traumatic for the family, they all had time to tell her what they needed to say,” a friend of the victim told our colleagues. According to the current protocol, her husband and two children returned home to the United Kingdom. On return, the body of the mother, a midwife by profession, was in Frankfurt when the plane landed.

An open kitty to help the family

A kitten Opened to help his family with funeral expenses and repatriation of his remains. The drama, which moved the United Kingdom, has already collected more than 23,000 euros. After living together for more than 15 years Hong KongHelen and her family planned to open a new chapter in their home country, where they had returned for the first time since the pandemic began.