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According to Kiev, the Russian military has developed its missiles to better take into account Ukrainian anti-aircraft defenses


France and Europe “not meeting Ukraine's expectations” in terms of ammunition supplies, French senators say

France and other European countries do not “not even” Expectations from Ukraine, which urgently needs ammunition, French senators lamented on Wednesday. “National and European production is very low, the economy put in place is not living up to expectations” Ukrainians, stressed Cédric Perrin (Les Républicains), chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs and Security Committee, who accompanied a delegation to Warsaw and Kiev from December 19 to 21.

The Ukrainians were firing 5,000 to 8,000 rounds a day (10,000 to 15,000 on the Russian side), he explained during a press conference, adding that France produced 20,000 155 mm shells a year. “Three or four days of fighting in Ukraine equals…” As for the target of 1 million munitions promised by the European Union by spring 2024, only 300,000 bombs have been delivered, Mr. Perrin said. “Now is the time to act, now Ukraine needs our help”he said.

“No account today”French assistance including Caesar cannons and long-range Scallop missiles “appreciated” in kyiv.

The senator explained ” good news “ An announcement of 40 scalps and deliveries was made by French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday evening. “Hundreds of shells”When warning: “Notifications should be concrete and implemented. As for the hundreds of shells, if we are talking about 155mm shells, about 25,000 are flying over Ukraine a day, so that does not mean anything.. Ammunition should be changed now”He repeated.

“The situation is important for Ukrainians at this time”Socialist Senator Jean-Marc Vayssouze-Faure, for his part, raised the particularly important issue of male numbers.

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In their report, the senators, relying on Ukrainian sources, estimated that 30,000 new Russian soldiers arrive on the front line each month. “On the Ukrainian side, the fighters are the same as those who came forward two years ago”During the Russian invasion, he insisted.

The senatorial report, entitled “Why Europe's future is at risk in Ukraine”, recommends increasing the number of weapons production chains that can be produced, putting the issues of conflict at the center of public debate. “Several Lakhs of Bombs a Year”and building a presence of French companies in Ukraine to prepare for reconstruction.

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