February 29, 2024

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According to the Prime Minister, shifting elections by twenty-four months is a “reasonable objective”.

According to the Prime Minister, shifting elections by twenty-four months is a “reasonable objective”.

The promised independence elections in Gabon have been delayed by two years by the military that ousted President Ali Bongo “Legitimate Purpose”, on Sunday, September 10, the interim prime minister was assessed with France-Presse. On August 30, the military overthrew Ali Bongo Ondimba, who had been in power for fourteen years, minutes after his re-election was announced after an election that the military and opposition considered fraudulent. Declared Transitional President General Bryce Oligui Nkuma immediately promised to return power to citizens through elections at the end of a term he did not announce.

“It is better to start with a reasonable objective: we want to see the process completed in twenty-four months so that we can return to the elections”Raymond Ndang Sima, a civilian who was appointed prime minister by the military on Thursday, said this period could be. “more or less”. 68 year old Mr. Ndong Sima was appointed head of the transitional government by General Oligui Nguema. He was previously Mr. He was one of Bongo’s opponents.

The August 30th coup d’état happened within minutes without bloodshed, with all military and police commanders rallying behind General Oligui. The regime forces, which enjoy the support of a large majority of the population and the opposition, say they have acted. “Protecting Human Lives” After and after a contested election “Bad Management” And this “corruption” In which they blame the Bongo clan.

“Impartial Arbitrators”

On Saturday, Mr. Ndong Sima announced that it included former ministers of the ousted president, former members of the opposition and former ruling Mr. There are civil society figures who have been hostile to Bongo and his family. country for more than fifty-five years.

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Transition Charter laid by the Army, Mr. It bans members of the interim government, including Ndong Sima, from running in the next elections, but does not expressly rule out General Oligui running for the presidency. The latter promised that a new constitution would be adopted through a referendum and a new electoral law. “All the major powers of the nation”.

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“Declared Policy” by the military, “There is no opposition or majority anymore, so we are taking people from all political families”The Prime Minister commented. “People who go (…) Prepare different texts, which will discuss this aspect of things, i.e. period [de la transition] and truly empowered to present themselves and not to present themselves”Explained by M. Ndong Sima. “It is not good for the military to present themselves so that they can be the arbiters of an impartial and objective election.”However he assessed.

The question of the civilian government’s autonomy and room for maneuver arises to the extent that General Oligui Nukuma has been appointed to head the transition, as well as within the military council that makes up his inner circle, responsible for most of the officers. Departments Mr. Ministers of Ntong Sima. “It is not new that the heads of departments who ensure the interface between the President and the Ministerial Departments along with the President”Qualified Mr. Ndong Sima.

“Am I hands free? I can’t know now that it will depend on what the military wants to achieve.He estimated that “They are (…) Who will calculate what we are going to do?

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