May 28, 2024

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An aunt’s call after her 12-year-old French nephew was kidnapped by Hamas

An aunt’s call after her 12-year-old French nephew was kidnapped by Hamas

Ayala Yahalomi Luzon recounted the abduction of her brother and 12-year-old nephew by Hamas forces. His brother-in-law and his two nieces survived.

A 12-year-old French boy went missing after Hamas forces attacked his family, his aunt Ayala Yahalomi Luzon said. According to the latter, Hamas men managed to get to his brother Ohad’s family home in Nir Oz, which is very close to the Gaza Strip.

“On Saturday morning, the day of the attack, my brother was defending his house outside the shelter because there was a problem with the door,” said Ayal Yahalomi Luzon.

“There was a shooting outside and he was probably injured. Then, they entered the shelter and took my sister-in-law Batsheva and three children, Edan, 12, Yahal, 10, and Leyal, 1 and a half,” she said. On i24 News.

For her part, Esther, the grandmother of young Eden, told BFMTV the same scene: “At 9 o’clock in the morning they heard gunshots in their houses, they were in a shelter (…) My son was holding the door of the shield. Room so that the terrorists don’t attack the children.”

“They Played Dead”

Ayal Yahalomi Luzon continued: “They took them and put them on two motorcycles, one with Batsheva and the two girls, the other with Aidan.”

“They drove 200 or 300 hundred meters from the barrier, and two tanks came. The first motorcycle stopped, but not Aidan, who crossed the barrier. Betseva managed to escape with the two girls. They ran through the fields to the water. Oh,” she added. “They played dead. . There were a lot of terrorists at the barrier.”

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“Two terrorists came and said ‘are you coming with us’. She replied ‘no’. […] They ran and found a base with Israeli soldiers,” Ayal Yahalomi Luzon said. “Ohat was injured in the house, and when our forces entered, Ohat was not there. Don’t know where Aidan and Ohat are. It’s a shame, a shame.”

“Aiden was taken to Gaza on another scooter,” his grandmother added, adding, “We are very worried.”

Two French people were killed and 14 “worried” missing

Since Saturday, two French nationals have died and 14 are still missing, the foreign ministry has announced.

“At this time, we are saddened by the death of two comrades, and the condition of the fourteen others is considered extremely critical,” the ministry said.

Quai d’Orsay notes that “this number is still subject to change”.

“The information we have allows us to consider the abduction of some of them, including a twelve-year-old minor,” he added.

The ministry renewed its call to “the French people currently in Israel to respect the intensive surveillance instructions given by our teams by the French embassy in Tel Aviv, the consulate in Jerusalem and the Israeli authorities.

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