May 27, 2024

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Live – Attacks in Israel: “Military has more or less regained control” of Gaza border

Live – Attacks in Israel: “Military has more or less regained control” of Gaza border

The Gaza Strip has come under intense Israeli attacks overnight

During the night from Monday to Tuesday, the Gaza Strip was subjected to incessant Israeli attacks. Since Saturday, at least 687 Palestinians have been killed and 3,700 injured.

How Hamas Uses Social Media to “Shut Down” Terrorism

The death of a grandmother filmed on Facebook, armed fighters announcing the death of their loved ones to Israelis over the phone, videos of hostages being humiliated in Gaza… Hamas’s massive campaign in this new conflict with Israel, according to experts, to “shut down” Israel through terrorism.

After the attacks in Israel, videos on social media have multiplied. Find more details in this article.

1,500 bodies of Hamas terrorists found in Israel

As the IDF, the Israeli military, indicated on Tuesday morning, “about 1,500 bodies” of Hamas fighters were found in Israel from the Palestinian Islamic Movement’s offensive that began Saturday morning from the Gaza Strip.

On the fourth day of the battle, the army “has more or less regained control of the border fence” with Gaza but incursions can still occur, a military spokesman said. However, as of last night (early), we know that no one has entered Israel from Gaza.

The Israeli military announces it has “more or less regained control” of the Gaza border.

The IDF will have “more or less regained control” of the border with Gaza, an Israeli military spokesman announced Tuesday morning.

A Kurdish demonstration in Strasbourg was banned after it published pro-Hamas messages

The president of Bas-Rhin banned the announcement and organization of a Kurdish demonstration in Strasbourg from 10 to 13 October “following the publication of pro-Hamas news”.

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This Monday, October 9, the mayor of Bas-Rin reports that “publications of the executives of the Kurdish movement, published by the organizer of the demonstration” were found on social networks. His Governorship. “Reports showing public support for Hamas’ terrorist activities.

“In the current context, this support would create serious disturbances to public order,” states the state representative.

The rally with the aim of “Kurdish people and their friends to demand the independence of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan and to solve the Kurdish problem” is scheduled for October 10, 11, 12 and 13 from 8 am. to 8pm on Avenue de l’Europe in Strasbourg.

Concerns over Aidan, a young Frenchman “potentially” being held hostage by Hamas

Aidan, a 12-year-old boy, is among 14 French people who went missing in Israel following the Hamas attacks, and his family has not been heard from since Saturday morning.

“They put them on motorcycles. On one was my sister-in-law and her two daughters, and on the other, Aidan, 12 years old, my handsome nephew. They drove them 200 or 300 meters, and two tanks came. The first motorcycle stopped, but not the second, and continued with Aidan,” explains his aunt, Ayala Yahalomi Luzon.

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The LFI condemns the “absence of a ceasefire request” from Macron

“Intolerable”. Emmanuel Macron’s press release during the night from Monday to Tuesday was strongly criticized by Insomies Manuel Bombard, coordinator of La France. Hamas attacks against Israel.

In a statement signed by Joe Biden, Olaf Scholl, Rishi Sunak and Georgia Meloni, The President expresses “resolute and united” support for the Hebrew government And do not call for a cease-fire, denounced the deputy of the Bouches-du-Rhône.

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“Although the Israeli government declared the totality of Gaza, the lack of a cease-fire demand in this speech signed by Emmanuel Macron is a mistake with grave consequences,” condemned Manuel Bombard.

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The Socialist Group in the Ile-de-France region has “temporarily” suspended its work with Insumise.

The Socialist Group (opposition) of the Île-de-France region has decided to “temporarily suspend (its) joint work” with Insoumis, as it was deemed “unacceptable”. Hamas attack on IsraelIn a letter aired Monday on X.

For its part, the rebel group affirmed that the decision “confirms the break initiated by the PS regarding Noobs”, accusing the Socialists of taking “the international crisis in the Middle East as a pretext”.

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The Israeli military reported at least 900 dead and 2,616 wounded

On X, earlier on Twitter, the Israeli military indicated that at least 900 Israelis had died in Hamas attacks since Saturday. According to the report released late Monday, 2,616 people have been injured.

The IDF says 1,290 Hamas targets have been destroyed.

Washington “has no intention of sending troops”

A spokesman for the US National Security Council said on Monday that the US has “no intention of sending troops” after a Hamas attack on Israel that killed at least 11 US citizens.

However, on Sunday, the Washington aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford’s carrier asked the strike group to move toward the eastern Mediterranean.

Erdogan warns Israel against indiscriminate attack on Gaza

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday warned Israel against “indiscriminate” attacks on civilians in Gaza in the war against Hamas and urged both sides to respect the “ethics” of war.

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The Turkish president called on the Palestinians to “stop harassing” the Israelis, a fervent supporter of the Palestinian cause in favor of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Hamas threatens to execute Israeli hostages in retaliation for Gaza attacks

Hamas on Monday evening threatened to execute Israeli hostages in retaliation for the third day of a massive offensive launched by the Palestinian Islamist movement that escalated Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip and killed more than 1,600 people on both sides.

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Welcome to this live broadcast dedicated to current events in Israel This Saturday, October 7, an attack on Hamas’s armed wing.