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Any Israeli action in Rafah could threaten hostage talks, Hamas warns


Benjamin Netanyahu continues to defend the necessity of the Israeli military offensive in Rafah. threaten” Negotiations for the release of hostages in exchange for Palestinian prisoners, a Hamas official quoted by AFP on Sunday, February 11, warned. More than 1.3 million Palestinians live in the southern Gaza Strip city, most of whom have fled fighting in other parts of the Palestinian Territory. Follow our live stream.

An Israeli operation was planned in Rafah. “Victory is within reach. (…) We will capture the last terrorist battalions of Hamas in Rafah, the last stronghold,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced in an interview with ABC News Channel Its extracts were revealed on Saturday evening. He promises that the Israeli army will deliver “Safe Route for Public Evacuation”Without explaining where she could go.

A tunnel under the UNRWA headquarters. UN Refugee Agency for Palestine Refugees in Gaza City The Israeli military and internal security agency said Saturday they discovered a Hamas tunnel under the organization's (UNRWA) headquarters. Organization that Israel accuses “Totally penetrated” The Islamic Movement responded by vacating the building on October 12. ““We are not aware of any action there,” he said. He wrote since then On that day Its president, Philippe Lazzarini, added to Israel's accusations “Deserves an independent investigation.”

Attacks on Rafa. According to Palestinian security sources, new Israeli attacks targeting Rafah on Saturday killed five police officers. The Israeli military said two senior military officers from the Palestinian Islamic Movement were killed in one of the attacks.

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