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LIVE – War in Ukraine: Russian missiles kill at least six people in Kharkiv region



Two people died in the Russian strikes

Two people were killed in two Russian attacks in eastern Ukraine’s Pakmut district, the state prosecutor announced Sunday.


On Friday, Russia announced patrols with Kinzhal missiles in the Black Sea. “There are already Russian air patrols in the Black Sea, but we know that these patrols will be more frequent,” explains LCI correspondent Jerome Caro in Moscow, who recalls the Kinjal “stabbing missiles.” 10,000 kmph

“These hypersonic missiles have already been used by the Russian military to attack positions in Ukraine,” he explains. “What’s new is that we’re going to have more flights over the Black Sea, which will come face-to-face with American planes, and therefore increase the risk of slippage and accidents. “It’s a way for Moscow to raise the tension a bit. Further.”

Black Sea: Putin deploys Kinzhal missilesSource: TF1 information

17 people were injured

A Russian missile hit a post office in the Kharkiv region on Saturday, injuring at least 17 people, local officials said. Earlier reports said 14 people were injured on Sunday morning, some of them in critical condition. 6 people were killed in these attacks.

“Analysis of debris continues at the scene to establish the exact number of injured and dead,” Zasbilne, a spokesman for the region’s prosecutor’s office, told public media.

Three people were injured in Kupiensk

Three people were wounded in a Russian strike on residential buildings in the city of Kubiansk in Kharkiv region, the region’s governor said in a telegram, which had already been targeted on Saturday. Oleg Sinegoubov says the three injured are aged 15, 17 and 63 and have been hospitalized. The condition of two of them is critical.

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Ukraine also says it shot down three drones and one missile launched overnight from Saturday to Sunday.

Number of dead and wounded Russians

In its daily report on the situation in Ukraine, the British Ministry of Defense estimates that the number of Russian soldiers killed or seriously wounded since the start of the war is between 150,000 and 190,000. In a tweet published this Sunday, the ministry said the number of wounded and dead, including minors, in the Russian military would be between 240,000 and 290,000.

Six people died in the Russian strike

At least six people were killed and 14 wounded on Saturday when Russian missile strikes hit a post office in the Kharkiv region of northeastern Ukraine, local officials said.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky shared a video on social media of a container bearing the logo of Ukrainian postal service company Nova Pochta and a badly damaged warehouse next to debris.

“Six people were killed and 14 injured in the attack by the invaders, employees of the company inside the Nova Pochta terminal,” said the governor of the Kharkiv region, Oleg Sinekobov. “The victims, aged between 19 and 42, were injured by shrapnel and shrapnel (from the explosions),” he added.

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Hello everyone in this live broadcast from Sunday, October 22, dedicated to the war in Ukraine.

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