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August 28, 2023 – Russia and Ukraine news


3:42 p.m. ET, August 28, 2023

Ukrainian intelligence says that a Russian police base in Innerhodar was bombed in a resistance operation

By Maria Kostenko and Svetlana Vlasova in Kiev

Still from a video posted on Telegram by the Intelligence Department of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. The post claims that an explosion occurred at the riot police headquarters in Innerhudar on August 28, 2023.

Intelligence Department of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine/ Telegram

An explosion took place at a Russian base in the occupied city of Innerhodar, near the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, as a result of a resistance operation, according to Ukrainian defense intelligence.

The Defense Intelligence Agency said on its Telegram channel that the explosion took place on Monday morning at the headquarters of Russia’s special anti-riot police force, known as the OMON unit.

“As a result of the local resistance movement operation coordinated by the Defense Intelligence Agency of Ukraine, an improvised “barracks” of the Russian guard unit “Akhmat-1” was damaged.

Akhmat-1 is a Chechen unit. Defense intelligence said that after the city was occupied, Chechen militants captured and converted a building on the site of a branch of a Ukrainian bank.

She added that the explosion “injured the occupiers and their cars parked in the yard.” A fire broke out in the building. Firefighting crews and ambulances arrived at the scene. Information is being clarified about the number of dead and wounded from Kadyrov’s people.

Ukrainian Defense Intelligence also released a video of the explosion that showed a drone flying towards the front entrance of the building, which CNN geolocated as Innerhudar. Defense Intelligence said there were no civilian casualties or casualties.

A Russian-appointed official in occupied Zaporizhia admitted that the civilian military administration building in Enrhdar was hit by a drone on Monday. However, the official cast doubt on Ukraine’s claim that loss of life occurred as a result of the bombing.

Vladimir Rogov said, “In principle, there are no dead or injured. The administration staff has already been evacuated.”

Rogoff said via Telegram that emergency services were operating immediately.

More background: The Defense Intelligence Agency of Ukraine had earlier claimed responsibility for the sabotage attacks that took place earlier this month in Innerhodar. She said that an explosion occurred at a meeting of Israeli police chiefs on August 18, and last week at the local headquarters of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB).

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