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Russia says it intercepted two US drones near Crimea


Moscow says it has intercepted two US spy drones in the Black Sea near Crimea, a frequent incident in recent months.

Russia on Monday said it had intercepted two of its warplanes in the Black Sea near Crimea, along with two US spy drones, in a series of incidents in recent months.

Russia’s Defense Ministry said in a Telegram that Moscow sent two warplanes to “prevent border violations” and counter the drones’ “reconnaissance (mission)” after “detecting the aircraft heading towards the Russian state border”.

The U.S. drones, Reaper and Global Hawk, were “conducting aerial reconnaissance in the area of ​​the Crimean Peninsula” annexed by Russia in 2014, he said.

After the arrival of the Russian planes, the drones “changed their flight direction and left the areas where aerial reconnaissance was conducted,” the ministry added.

Drone attacks

Incidents involving Russian aircraft and US drones or NATO aircraft have increased in recent months in the Black Sea and over the Baltic in the wake of the conflict in Ukraine.

On Sunday, Russia had already said it had intercepted a US drone approaching its territory in the Black Sea. A similar incident happened in early August.

Crimea, a key logistics hub for Russian forces fighting in southern Ukraine, has been repeatedly targeted by Ukrainian drone strikes since the start of the conflict.

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