May 29, 2024

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Be careful, your pillowcase is dirtier than your toilet seat!  — Duxford

Be careful, your pillowcase is dirtier than your toilet seat! — Duxford

It may not seem like it represents any danger, but your pillowcase is a veritable nest of germs. Find out what she is hiding from you!

You let your head rest on it all night, but your pillow is a real health hazard. infected with bacteria, It is sometimes dirtier than your toilet bowl. Trembling!

These everyday products are putting our health at risk

There are products and products around us that we don’t even suspect. As they are a part of our daily life, we use them without thinking about it and we trust them completely.

However, few of them A real danger to our health. Few health products hide their game well. Filled with fragrances and artificial ingredients, some can cause harm if you’re not careful.

This is the case of deodorants, which need to be chosen carefully so as not to make a mistake. Before allowing themselves to invite themselves into our bathroom, it is recommended to become familiar.

But consumer associations do not hesitate to condemn some cosmetics.

Risk in your home can certainly be recorded everywhere. Even in your fridge! Did you know that this water bottle in the fridge is perfect for quenching your thirst during hot summers?

Because it’s in the plastic it’s made from Very fine chemical particles That you can swallow. Not exactly what you’re looking for when you want to quench your thirst!

Not to mention their reuse, which should be absolutely avoided. Once opened, Water bottles are a veritable breeding ground for bacteria. Just like your water bottle, your toilet has just as many germs!

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When you know all this, you tell yourself that this is the only place where you can finally feel safe His cozy little bed. But again, you’re on the wrong track…

You’ll never look at your pillowcase the same way again

Because your pillowcase may be deceiving you. According to a recent study, a pillowcase went unwashed for a week The toilet is dirtier than the seat.

Yes, you read that right! This emerges from the findings of mattress manufacturer AmeriSleep, which published a report in the New York Post.

According to the study, after one week, these Three million bacteria and other microorganisms They take it easy on our pillowcases. That’s 17,000 times more than your toilets!

Although invisible to the naked eye, these germs exist. But how to explain their presence in such a place at home?

“When you go to bed, you’re polluting your bedclothes with dead skin cells (about 50 million a day). But so are sweat, makeup, lotions, hair, and anything else you’ve picked up during the day.”Dr. Hadley King tells the New York Post.

The bacteria that contaminate your pillowcase this way are different and varied. Pollen, animal dander is a mess. But still fungal molds or virus particles.

To put an end to the problem, there is only one solution: wash your pillowcase as often as possible. Ideally, it is recommended It should be changed every two days.

But if you cannot do otherwise, remember to wash it at least once a week in the washing machine at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius.