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Benjamin Netanyahu ‘guilty of treason’, Israeli author David Grossman criticizes Liberation


War between Hamas and IsraelDocument

In a scathing column in the intellectual “Haaretz” he predicted that all hopes for peace between Israel and the Palestinians would die in the coming years and the Zionist dream of a liberal, Jewish and democratic state would end.

“Many years must pass, years without war, before we can start thinking about reconciliation again.” A serious column to be published Friday in the newspaper Haaretz, Writer David Grossman accuses Hamas and Benjamin Netanyahu of destroying hopes of peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

Grossman, one of the most committed Israeli intellectuals for Middle East peace, explains that while Israeli occupation is indeed a crime, abusing children and then shooting them in cold blood is an even more horrific crime: “I don’t know if you call the men of Hamas ‘human animals.’ But they will undoubtedly have no human form.

greedy interests

If the writer puts the main responsibility for the war on the aggressor, because “Even the crimes committed by Israel in the occupied territories for 56 years cannot justify what has been revealed to us.” However, it does not exempt the Israeli prime minister, who in his view is guilty of treason. “A betrayal of everything we hold dear as citizens of this country.” He accused Netanyahu of destroying the country “In the name of cynical, narrow-minded and sleep-walking policy for petty, greedy interests.”

“Who shall we be, and what manner of men shall we be after these days, after we have seen what we have seen? Where do we start again after destroying and losing so many things we believed and believed in? Grossman asks. Who fears that the only answer to come will be an even more right-wing, even more violent and racist Israel.

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