May 30, 2024

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Berlin has called on Kiev to “confirm the necessary support” in the face of a Russian attack on Kharkiv.

Berlin has called on Kiev to “confirm the necessary support” in the face of a Russian attack on Kharkiv.

The German Foreign Ministry made the call on Friday, May 10 “Provide Support” to Ukraine in the face of a Russian attack on Kharkiv in the country’s northeast. “Residents of Kharkiv continue to bravely resist Russia’s continued bombardment. Your courage calls for our solidarity. Together with our allies, we stand with Ukraine and provide the necessary support for its security.” ecrit Ministry on that day. Follow our live stream.

‘Fierce battle’ underway on Kharkiv border. One civilian was killed and five wounded in Vovsansk during morning strikes, the regional governor said, while another civilian was killed in a strike north of the city of Kharkiv. The Russian military carried out the attacks with guided aerial bombs, which kyiv said had deployed reserve units. “Strengthen Security” of the region.

Ukraine has been concerned for weeks about the possibility of a new Russian offensive in the region. The Ukrainian army is struggling on the front lines, weakened by a lack of recruits and delays in the delivery of Western aid, which has significantly depleted its ammunition reserves. In contrast, Russian forces have claimed limited territorial gains, mainly in the east, without making a real breakthrough.

New US aid to Kyiv. The White House announced $400 million in military aid, equipment and training “Give aid to Ukraine”According to a press release.

Vladimir Putin has warned that Russian nuclear forces are “always” ready for war. The Russian president oversaw the May 9 traditional military parade on Red Square on Thursday. “Russia will do everything to avoid a global conflict, but, at the same time, we will not allow ourselves to be threatened.He declared. No troops [nuclĂ©aires] “Strategy is always vigilance.”.