May 28, 2024

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Beyoncé nearly has a wardrobe malfunction, and a backup dancer saves her

Beyoncé nearly has a wardrobe malfunction, and a backup dancer saves her


He almost had a wardrobe malfunction…

A backup dancer saves her

Beyonce She nearly fell off her top earlier this week during a live performance in Germany — but one of her backup dancers saw the problem before it turned disaster…and played the champ.

The singer was giving a concert on Wednesday in Hamburg, and while she was in the middle of performing “Break My Soul,” a wardrobe malfunction occurred to almost everyone in front of her — namely, her left breast was about to pop out from her skintight outfit.

Bey was there bouncing around – giving it his all – and several people noticed… that something was about to back off, and soon. Beyoncé didn’t really seem to notice…but, luckily for her, he saw someone who was on stage with her.

Turns out… one of the brothers from the French dance troupe Les Twins—both of whom were serving as back-up dancers for that performance—rushed into the venue and offered him cover.

Not only did the guy block what was inevitably going to be a straight nip slip…but a closer look, a shot of someone with front row seats-shows that he actually pulled her head back and put it in place for her…all at once, right back to the dance .

It all happened so fast… and Bey never misses a move, and she’s a professional. If you weren’t paying attention, you might not have even noticed that some miracle worker was going down.

As you can imagine, the guy/pat on the back is being lauded for getting off the ground the way he did… because, honestly, the whole situation was pretty embarrassing.

Neither the Les Twins nor Bey seem to have addressed this yet… but, TBH, there’s really nothing to say. Disaster was averted, and Beyoncé’s character should be grateful to be saved.

Now how Jay Z He might watch it all…maybe a different story. Much mixed feelings? 😅

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