Monday, July 22, 2024

Biden prefers Israel over Gaza. Michigan progressives need to wake him up


Failure to change course on Gaza will stain the Democratic Party for generations, and four more years of Donald Trump will change the nation's course forever.

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President Joe Biden's decision to unilaterally veto another UN resolution for a ceasefire in Gaza, just one week before Michigan's Democratic presidential primary on Tuesday, shows how out of touch the president's reelection campaign is with the progressive voters who put him in place. in power.

Nearly 30,000 civilians were killed in GazaMost of them are women and children, yet the Biden administration continues to break with the majority of the Democratic base to align with — and fund — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's right-wing government. Is this worth the risk of Donald Trump returning to the White House and the end of American democracy?

Biden is now trailing Trump Seven of the past eight polls In the pivotal swing state of Michigan – by as much as 10 points in the latest CNN poll. The Biden team desperately needs a wake-up call.

This is why our revolution is mobilizing Tens of thousands of progressives To vote “uncommitted” in Tuesday's Democratic primaries to ensure Michigan is a megaphone for peace.

The initiative that was launched from Listen to Michiganis a strategic effort to send a clear message to the Biden campaign: Change course now on Gaza or risk alienating key voter blocs needed to defeat Trump in November.

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Gaza costs Biden voters: Will “non-committed” Arab American voters achieve a victory for Trump?

Biden must restore the Democratic coalition

This is Biden's chance to start reassembling the coalition that won him the White House in 2020 by realigning his policies with the values ​​of the base, especially young voters and voters of color.

Michigan just doesn't have it The largest Arab-American population In the country, it is also a historic battleground state, where the margin of victory swung from less than 11,000 votes for Trump in 2016 to just over 154,000 votes for Biden in 2020.

If Biden does not reset his foreign policy, 2024 may look less like 2020 and more like 2016, when Arab Americans and Muslim Americans become more like 2020. Hillary Clinton refused This is partly due to her record in the Middle East as Secretary of State. Now, in 2024, many feel a sense of betrayal by Biden, who promised to end endless wars and lead with compassion.

Our Revolution joins this critical effort to ensure that the Democratic Party does not lose the support of its progressive voting base, thus handing Michigan over to Republican control and putting Trump back in the Oval Office. As the country The largest grassroots progressive political action groupOur revolution urges us 87,000 supporters in Michigan to vote “non-committal” in hopes of convincing the Biden administration to change its approach to the war.

Both Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., and former Rep. Andy Levin, D-Mich., support the effort, signaling a collective push from within the party to correct course, save lives and not lose to Trump. There are voters who, having lost family members in Gaza, may never vote to re-elect President Biden. But as Levin wrote in an email to members of Our RevolutionThere are many, many others who would be willing to return to Biden if we could convince him to come to Gaza.

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Alabama's IVF ruling is not about ethics. Republicans who support this are hurting people who want children.

Biden has a moral obligation to stop supporting Israeli attacks

To be clear: This is more than a protest vote, more than a political strategy. President Biden has a moral duty to stop the United States' complicity in the bloodshed of innocent people.

However, if the moral case and mass protests are not convincing enough, we must appeal to Biden's primary self-interest: getting re-elected. Failure to change course on Gaza will stain the Democratic Party for generations, and four more years of Trump will change the nation's course forever. This moment calls for unity and action among progressive voters – key to Democratic success in 2024 and beyond.

The massacre in Gaza must end. The president must be a peacemaker. We must defeat Trump in November. It all starts with making progressive voices heard in the primaries in Michigan and beyond.

And to President Biden, we urge you to realign with the rule that got you to the White House in the first place.

Our future depends on it.

Joseph Gevarghese is the CEO of Our revolutionthe largest grassroots progressive political action group in the country.