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Botticelli painting in Florence targeted by climate activists


Climate defenders from the last generation group Trapped, Tuesday, February 13 Photos of a flooded Tuscan town in the protective glass of Botticelli's masterpiece Birth of VenusA famous canvas of the 15th centurye A century-old piece of silver emerges from the water on display at the Uffizi Museum in Florence.

Both were taken to a police station near the museum, the group said in a statement. One of the most visited museums on the peninsula, the Uffizi in Florence is located in the historic center of this jewel of the Italian Renaissance.

“The government continues to pretend that fields did not dry up in January, that there will be no water problems this summer, that houses destroyed by floods are accidents, not the result of human will.”Giordano, one of the two demonstrators, was quoted in the press release. “Instead of dealing with these real problems, he creates ridiculous laws” Punishing climate protection measures, he added.

Activities across Europe

In response to a series of actions by climate defenders, the Italian parliament adopted a law in January increasing fines against those involved in actions against monuments or cultural sites. The law was adopted after a Florence judge ruled in December that two activists who stuck their hands on glass protecting another painting by Botticelli, which went on display at the Uffizi in 2022, did not commit a crime.

The Last Generation organization launched nonviolent action in Italy in time for the 2022 legislative elections, calling on politicians of all stripes to make it one of their priorities. According to the European Commission, Italy is on track to exceed its 2030 emissions targets.

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In Italy the protests are part of actions to draw attention to the climate across Europe, for example throwing soup, mash or washable paint at art and cultural sites.

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