Friday, July 19, 2024

Canada is ready to welcome 20,000 Afghan refugees


The Canadian Armed Forces plane landed in Toronto last Friday afternoon, along with a group of “Afghan citizens” who had helped the country in the past.

The Canadian government has said it is ready to welcome 20,000 Afghan refugees under a new immigration program.The growing humanitarian crisis in the region.

The situation in Afghanistan is heartbreaking and Canada will not stand idly byImmigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister Marco Mendicino said when the plan was announced.

With this decision, Canada is targeting “Especially vulnerable people, Including female leaders, human rights defenders, persecuted religious minorities, journalists and members of the LGBTQI community. The Canadian Armed Forces plane landed in Toronto on Friday afternoon.A group of AfghansThose who have helped the country in the past are National Defense Minister Harjeet Sajjan.

The embassy is not yet closed

Trudeau says government is watching. “Very closeநிலை The situation of its citizens in Afghanistan is working with its allies, but no decision has yet been announced regarding the closure of the Canadian embassy.

Earlier today, several countries, including Spain, Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands, announced the withdrawal of staff from their respective embassies.

On Twitter, Mark Corneo said the foreign minister was in CanadaA loan to the AfghansThe country will continue its efforts to ensure that they are safe.

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