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Christian McCaffrey, in the second game in the round of 49, has a TD trifecta to win

Christian McCaffrey, in the second game in the round of 49, has a TD trifecta to win

INglewood, CA – The San Francisco 49ers were laying out the red zone plan Thursday night when a shout came from coach Kyle Shanahan’s office.

Shanahan didn’t ask a simple question to anyone in particular: Can Christian McCaffreyThe recently acquired team star running back, throwing a soccer ball at all? The question was initially met with silence, but after a few moments Shanahan received a text message from coach Brian Florey.

The script was a video from December 17, 2018, in which McCaffrey threw a 50-yard touchdown pass against the New Orleans Saints. Satisfied with Florey’s answer, Shanahan proceeded to add McCaffrey’s pass to his game plan for Sunday’s 31-14 win over the Los Angeles Rams.

Little did Shanahan know that it would turn out to be the defining play on history-making day for McCaffrey.

Without a receiver do everything Debo SamuelMcCaffrey showed the Niners his best variety show, throwing for, running for, earning a touchdown and moving the Niners to 4-4 heading into farewell week.

“I think everyone knows how good a player he is but I love how consistent and in control he is at what he does,” Shanahan said. “He’s a very smart player with a lot of plays and stuff, but the consistency of the way he plays his game. I feel he was a great guy to add for us.”

Throwing in and scoring, McCaffrey made him the first player since Ladinan Tomlinson in 2005 to score, run and capture a touchdown in the same game. He’s the fourth player – along with Tomlinson, receiver David Patten and back-to-back Walter Payton – since the 1970 merger to complete the trifecta.

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It’s the Niners’ eighth straight season win over the Rams but McCaffrey’s first taste of the competition. He fits perfectly, and has a hand at 183 yards of melee, including 94 lunges and 55 receiving on 27 touches.

After the match, the soft-spoken McCaffrey wasn’t too interested in his solo performance as it was his first win with 49 players.

“That’s cool,” McCaffrey said. “Obviously those things are really great. I think the biggest thing is to get a win and play the second half like that too… but I’m just proud to be a 49er and feel good to win today.”

McCaffrey started scoring at the Niners with his second professional touchdown pass. In second and eighth places from 34 Rams with 12:10 remaining in the second quarter, Niners quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo They threw McCaffrey in the right apartment. McCaffrey grabbed her behind the line of scrimmage and rolled to his right before looking deep to the right side away. Brandon Ayuk.

McCaffrey raised a pass with just enough air under it that Aiook could turn around a few times and pull it in for the landing that it coupled with. Ruby GoldExtra point tied at 7.

That was a point, ‘court end George Keitel He said. “Excellent. The pass was great, the catch was great.”

In fact, McCaffrey’s landing on landing may have been his most impressive game of the day. With 1:51 left in the third quarter, Garoppolo slipped back for a pass from the 9 Rams’. When Garoppolo was clearing the field, no one was open so he stepped into the pocket as the Niners began scramble drills.

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McCaffrey, who was the fifth choice in passing advance, shook the right touchline. Garoppolo shot the ball up and McCaffrey jumped high in the air to hit him to give the Niners a 17-14 lead they wouldn’t give up.

The touchdown was McCaffrey’s first goal as a Niner and put him in a rare feat in franchise history. McCaffrey and Emmanuel Sanders (Week 14 of 2019) They are the only Niners players to have had a passing touchdown and a touchdown in the same game in the past 70 years.

“I went through the whole reading from left to right,” Garoppolo said. “He raised the bar. That’s just a football player… That wasn’t the way it was written. He just made a play.”

McCaffrey’s big day comes in his second game as Niner and the first after a full week of training. San Francisco handled the second, third and fourth round picks in 2023 and the fifth round pick in 2024 to McCaffrey’s Panthers in an October 20 deal.

To get up to speed quickly, McCaffrey would spend many hours at the Niners facility working with assistant coaches Bobby Turner and Anthony Lane and steal extra time with Garoppolo whenever possible.

In addition to his touchdown triple, McCaffrey also became the only player in the Super Bowl era to have at least one of each type of offensive touchdown and 30 yards or more passing, rushing and receiving in a game.

McCaffrey’s performance also left the Niners imagining what would happen when key players like Samuel and his teammates were on a massive scale. Joan Jennings Back from hamstring injuries.

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“With all this skill[talent]there’s no ceiling, really,” Keitel said. “We should go there, we should get a lot of points.”