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Deaths, injuries and material damage. Point


The series of wildfires, which started on Monday, August 9, 2021, in Tilak-Oso’s Villa in Cape Town, was unfortunately not without consequences.

The fire caused casualties, injured many people and damaged several houses and vehicles in different areas. They also caused extensive material damage. The whole villages were evicted. Large material resources have been used to control the situation.

In total, 25 wildfires were recorded in Capelia, including 10 large islands. The fire started all at once. Youssef Ault-Mohant, DC-Oso’s forest ranger, promised that security services would determine who started the island. It was not a fire that started alone .

Human and material evaluation

9:30 a.m .: The Provisional report 4 people died, many houses were burnt and many civilians were evicted.

Source: Forest Conservation.

20:47 pm, The Provisional report 2 deaths: A young woman, 23 years old and a young man died in the village Ad-lacineIn the Ad-Yenni Commune, they helped people escape from the fire. Two police officers were injured. According to the radio Tizi-Ouzou, regionAjaxca Also condemns a human life. VillagesAd-Yenni, We also receive reports that many people have been injured in fires or their relief efforts.

  • In the village ofAd-lacineThe situation worsened, causing several injuries and one death. The village surrounded by forests is now surrounded by laziness.
  • In the village At-Mislane, Four houses and a vehicle caught fire. The people of the neighboring village of Ait-Obane rushed there. The ‘Middle school The area is partially burned. Many classrooms have been affected.
  • TO Larpas Nath RatanMany villagers evacuated their homes. Training centers and schools welcome refugees.
  • TO A Tt Toudert, The fire went into the houses.
  • Villages in the area Yakouren Suffer.
  • Village Dijema Evicted to a neighboring villageAit-Ouabane.
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Agony Foru: Avoid the worst

Village ofAgni Four (A Tt Toudert) Burns. The fire went into the houses. Residents suffocated. They have no water, internet or electricity. They appeal to everyone who can come to the place to help. They rely on unity to avoid the worst.

Unified and exemplary people

The people of Vilaya in Thisi-Oso have once again shown consensusThis Monday is August 9. Citizens of the area risked their lives and did not hesitate to go to the charcoal to help firefighters put out the wildfires that broke out in various places. Armed with iron rods and hand-held means, the elders and the elderly were mobilized to control the vast and threatening fire. Considering the magnitude of the disaster, civil defense agents from neighboring states were called in as reinforcements. Helicopters were used in the operation.

Larba Nath Ratan calls for help

More than 2,000 people are trapped in the village It fra (Larba Nath Rathen). The majority are assembled together at the Howley oil plant. The population affirms that it has “left itself, no reinforcement, no civil defense, or anything else.” They warn to help the people and evacuate the whole village.

Fire in Kapilia: Photos and videos



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