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Vaccine and Delta Variation: The Bad News Confirmed

Posted by Deborah August 09, 2021 at 11:02 p.m.

New data confirms this: Contrasting delta Foil All predictions. In addition to that Dangerous Infection, He was able to fight Immunological protection of vaccinated people.

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Delta variant: whether vaccinated or not, will the virus load remain the same?

This is the big question that is bothering scientists and citizens! Can I transmit the virus by getting vaccinated? According to a recent studyA bunch In L ‘State of Massachusetts, People affected by delta variation Seems You can cross it, Whether Whether vaccinated or not.

Again, experts recommend Anti-corruption. The director of the Centers for the Prevention and Fighting of American Diseases qualifies for this data « Worrying. » According to her, « Some are affected by the delta type Infection can occur after vaccination And spread the virus to others. “

A message of cold on the back The delta variant is predominant in France. However, it does protect against the vaccine Acute forms of corona virus. “So far, all other studies have shown that infected people are vaccinated Low virus load, So Probably very low spread Than those who have not been vaccinated “ CNRS Research Director, Immunologist Claude-Agnes Reynolds recalled.

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Consequences of managing infection

Other scientists are very cautious. For example, virologist Angela Rasmussen writes on Twitter Screening tests measure viral RNA No. « Infection is not a virus. » By the end, it will be complicated « It should be said only on the basis of these data« Vaccinated people can spread the virus just like non-vaccinated people. An epidemiologist also points out “People who have been vaccinated against infections (…) Will expel the virus for a short period of time«, So they go « Be contagious for a short time. »

Then? However this study shows it The delta variation does not completely stop rotating, This, Despite the vaccine. We must not forget that this makes it possible to slow down the number of victims by creating « A barrier to the spread of the virus In population “ Briefly by virologist Angela Rasmussen. ” Problem, There are not enough barriers« So mutant « Could not find a new host. » She adds.

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So scientists agree A point : It is necessary Continue to use restraining gestures To fight against Govt-19. So, This is why we ask people today Wear the mask in closed settings, Meetings And Near vulnerable people “ Epidemiologist Odile Lane concludes. In this sense, the U.S. health authorities Recommend that you wear a mask, In « Areas of risk« , Even if you are vaccinated.

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