April 19, 2024

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Diablo 4: Blizzard is making a lot of changes based on player feedback

Diablo 4 players are trying to figure out what the secret post-credits ending means

Diablo 4 players have unearthed a number of secret post-credits endings that tease the return of one of the series’ most famous villains and possibly a new big bad.

Diablo 4 spoilers follow.

It turns out that Blizzard’s role-playing game has a secret ending that pops up after the credits roll, though it doesn’t always appear, and there are in fact several endings that may or may not play after repeated completion of the campaign on various difficulties.

Jamal Blanco, Blizzard’s cinematic character and creature artist, took to Twitter to confirm that the secret endings are legit.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Reports indicate that four different post-credits endings have been found in jumpscare so far, each featuring an unnamed demonic entity. These endings are only a split second apart, so it’s hard to make specific statements about what they show, but current speculation has it that three of them show Mephisto, the lord of hate.

Is this Mephisto? Diablo 4 fans think so.

This isn’t a surprise, given Mephisto’s main role in Diablo 4’s story. But it is Fourth end That placed the cat among the pigeons within the Diablo community. What is the entity in the jest? Could having a new enemy to fight spark in future Diablo 4 expansions?

Could this be Lucion, son of Mephisto and brother of Lilith?
Could this be Lucion, son of Mephisto and brother of Lilith?

WowHead believes the image is irritating Lucion, son of Mephisto and brother of Lilith. Lucion was mentioned in the first part of Lorath’s science-focused book series in Blizzardand referenced in the Book of Tyrael from Diablo 3.

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Blizzard said it’s currently working on two expansions for Diablo 4, each set to continue the story. The story content added with Diablo 4 seasons revolves more around side stories that take place during the same time period as the main campaign, so we can wait a bit to see what this is all about.

Diablo 4’s secret endings aren’t the only mysteries players have been teasing. Fans are still trying to figure out if Diablo 4 has a secret cow level, even though Blizzard insists it doesn’t.

In our 9/10 review for IGN we describe Diablo 4 as “an amazing sequel with a near-perfect game ending and progression design that makes it incredibly hard to put down”. Be sure to Use our interactive map to track your progress as you play.

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