April 22, 2024

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Donald Trump defeated Nikki Haley in the South Carolina Republican primary

Donald Trump defeated Nikki Haley in the South Carolina Republican primary

In his haste to plan a showdown with Joe Biden, Donald Trump inflicted a crushing defeat on his last Republican challenger, Nikki Haley, during the South Carolina primary on Saturday, February 24.

The setback was particularly brutal for the fifty-year-old, who included a more moderate wing of the Republican Party because it was taking place in a state where he had been governor for six years. But she refused to throw in the towel.

Former President is now Mme As Haley threatens, Donald Trump took aim at the current White House leader in one of his first victory proclamations. “Joe [Biden], you are fired! », using his favorite catchphrase from his reality TV set days, he started from the state capital of Columbia. His supporters gathered in front of him and cheers and applause erupted from them.

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As with the previous three elections, the former US president is ruthless, aiming to put forward the Republican candidate for the presidential election in November.

On Saturday, Donald Trump's victory was predicted by the US media within seconds of the polls. With more than 85% of the votes counted, the former real estate mogul was far ahead with 60% of the votes.

“Every day Donald Trump threatens our future”, warned Joe Biden in reaction to the results. Despite his legal troubles, some of which have put him in danger of prison, the tempestuous septuagenarian is the far-right's favorite candidate, according to all polls.

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Nikki Haley vows not to give up

The primary result is clear, as political scientist David Darmofel of the University of South Carolina analyzed for Agence France-Presse: “This explains that she is now effectively the Republican presidential nominee. The speed of this decision could increase pressure on Nikki Haley to drop out of the race. »

Donald Trump hopes to force his former ambassador to the United Nations to oust him in order to focus his attacks on Democrat Joe Biden, who is seeking a second term in office in November.

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But Nikki Haley, 52, is hanging on, refusing to drop out of the race for the Republican nomination. “I will not give up this fight”He told supporters during a rally in Charleston, vowing to continue “Fight for America”.

Nikki Haley, Republican primary candidate, Charleston, South Carolina, February 24, 2024.

The appeal of the only woman running among Republicans is simple: “We will not live through four more years of Trump's chaos. » Taking advantage of her rival's new controversial comments, Nikki Haley slammed her on Saturday. Embattled in lawsuits, he suggested his allegations made him a sympathetic candidate in the eyes of black voters.

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“This is the chaos that comes with Donald Trump, and offensive comments like this will continue every day until the election.”, Nikki Haley said. Donald Trump's team ignored his argument. For his part, Joe Biden condemned these in a press release “Disgraceful and racist comments”.

Donald Trump will face justice again on March 25

After Saturday, the two rivals will face each other in Michigan on Tuesday. Republicans in Idaho, Missouri and North Dakota will then vote, a well-orchestrated ballet that will lead candidates to Super Tuesday, one of the biggest political events of the year. On March 5, about fifteen states, including Texas, California, Colorado and Virginia, will hold their polls simultaneously on a major election day.

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The primaries could theoretically last until July. But according to polls, Nikki Haley is unpopular in any of these states and the Trump team is already predicting a win. “March 19” Finally. So why is she still in the race? “He's waiting to see if Trump is thrown out of the game by a court ruling or a health problem.”Political scientist Larry Sabato explains.

Donald Trump's first criminal trial is set to begin on March 25.

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