April 14, 2024

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Donald Trump has been accused of rape by a writer in a New York court

Donald Trump has been accused of rape by a writer in a New York court

When she runs the mail section of the magazine she, E. Jean Carroll always advised readers to go to the police in case of sexual assault. She didn’t follow her own good advice. “I’m not as smart as I think I am”, he briefed before a jury in a federal court in New York, with a formula. On Wednesday, April 26, the former columnist, now 79, who described her rape allegations against Donald Trump with emotion and bitterness, listened at length to the background of the civil proceedings. The story she confides to two friends follows the facts she lays out in late 1995 or early 1996, before shutting herself down in silence for more than twenty years.

At the time, Donald Trump was a real estate mogul and a tabloid regular. E. Jean Carroll chanced upon him on 5 in front of a luxury store called Bergdorf Goodman.e Avenue, not far from Trump Tower. It was visible in his eyes “Such a fun New York scene”, According to comments from several American newspapers that are under investigation. Donald Trump would have called him “Lady of Counsel”, He also reportedly asked for help buying clothes for another woman as a gift. “I was flirting the whole time, probably.”She agrees.

After exchanging jokes, the columnist entered a fitted room, followed by the entrepreneur. With full weight, he would have pressed her against the wall, pulled down her pantyhose, introduced his fingers to her genitalia, and then had sex with her. “It’s going to be weird for you, I don’t want to make a scene”she said, seized with regret, questioning her lack of a warning cry. “I always wonder why I got into this situation to find myself, She added in front of jurors. I’m proud to say I got through it. I lifted my knee and pushed it away. ยป e. Jean Carroll explained that she never had sex with a man after that. “Long story short, it’s because Donald Trump raped me.” The writer explained that she was trying, often crying save his life”

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Financial and political role

This investigation takes place in civil proceedings, where the alleged facts have already been suggested for a long time and the victims have a legal possibility. Donald Trump’s immediate role, whose relationships with women have fueled repeated scandals for decades, is not financial, but political. He can count on the loyalty of his militant base, MAGA (Make America Great Again), which will ensure him a heavily favored spot in the Republican primary polls ahead of the 2024 presidential election. But if the court upholds his guilt, the trial, scheduled to last between one and two weeks, would be a new blow to his sulphurous reputation, emphasizing the negative effect of his candidacy on the majority of American voters.

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