February 24, 2024

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Ukraine says it shot down 34 of 35 drones launched by Russia overnight

Ukraine says it shot down 34 of 35 drones launched by Russia overnight

Moldova to get Thales-made radar to monitor Russian air threats

Condemning repeated violations of its airspace by Russian missiles targeting Ukraine, Moldova has received a radar system from France’s Thales to monitor its airspace, the Moldovan Defense Ministry announced on Wednesday.

In a televised interview, Prime Minister Dorin Resian stressed on Monday that Moldova needs a modern air defense system to deal with the Russian threat. “If the Kremlin decides to attack us, it will. And what will people defend themselves with? ยปhe added.

Moldova announced the purchase of the Ground Master 200 radar in September [GM 200] Produced by Thales. The radar, which can detect aircraft up to 250 kilometers away, can be integrated into a connected air defense system. Moldovan Defense Minister Anatoly Nozati described the radar as vital to boosting the country’s air defense capabilities.

“Recent incidents of violations of our country’s airspace have drawn the attention of the authorities to the urgent need to consolidate the security capabilities of the Republic of Moldova”He underlined in a press release.

The radar system, an acquisition financed from the national defense budget, will monitor Moldova’s entire airspace. Price not specified. Moldova’s military, a former Soviet republic, has outdated Soviet-era equipment.

Since the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine in 2022, tensions between Moscow and Chisinau have worsened sharply. The current pro-European Moldovan government has condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine and said Moscow had hatched a conspiracy to try to topple it. Last week, Parliament signed off on a new defense strategy “Moscow” And “corruption” It is a threat to the security of the country.

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