May 28, 2024

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Emanuel Macron confirms that he is in talks with the Taliban

The crisis in Afghanistan was called for on Saturday, August 28th Baghdad Summit Dedicated to the fight against terrorism and Iraqi sovereignty. The Taliban seized power in Afghanistan Attack The Islamic State Corazon (EI-K), in Kabul, on Thursday, plunged exchanges somewhat.

“Whatever the US choices, we will continue to maintain our presence in the fight against terrorism in Iraq., First wanted to remind Emmanuel Macron during a press conference in Baghdad. “We have the operational capabilities to ensure this presence”, He added.

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But the president said he had, above all, negotiated with the Taliban in Afghanistan. “We are under discussion. They are very fragile and temporary (…). But yes, there are discussions (…) about humanitarian operations and the ability to protect Afghans and Afghans at risk.”

These exchanges are conducted with Qatar, which may be possible “Reopen Air Lifts” With Afghanistan. The Gulf has been hosting Taliban representatives for years.

First meeting Thursday in Doha

These wind bridges “Mandatory expulsion operations in different configurations but necessary and systematic negotiations with the Taliban within a configuration”, Said Emmanuel Macron. “This is a condition for us to have any political involvement (…) with the Taliban.”The president added.

The French delegation met with representatives of the Taliban in Doha on Thursday. The latter entered Kabul on August 15, following a lightning strike across the country in parallel with the US military withdrawal announced by US President Joe Biden in the spring.

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In an interview In the Sunday Journal, The UN says France and the UK should be formed in Kabul on Monday. “Safe Zone”. Emmanuel Macron explained that this protected area would allow humanitarian operations to continue in the area. It must be subject to a draft resolution from London and Paris. Five permanent members of the Security Council are due to discuss the Afghanistan crisis on Monday. The goal is to keep this “safe zone” under UN control.

“This is very important. It will provide a framework for the United Nations to act in an emergency, and above all it will allow everyone to face their responsibilities and allow the international community to maintain pressure on the Taliban.”, Said Emmanuel Macron.

More than 2,800 evacuated from Kabul

At Sunday newspaper, Emmanuel Macron said he imagined the targeted locations “This will not be done by Kabul’s military airport”. “We will see if this can be done by the capital’s civil airport or by neighboring countries.”, He clarified.

Forces Minister Florence Barley announced Thursday The result of these expulsion activities When the door opens to another type of humanitarian operation. Emmanuel Macron in Baghdad said France had already evacuated 2,834 people, including 142 French, 17 Europeans and about 2,700 Afghans, by 15 flights since August 17.

As part of that, the United Kingdom announced on Saturday that it was doing these activities. “Last flight carrying British Armed Forces leaves Kabul”, Ministry of Defense tweeted, Releases pictures of tense, dragged soldiers boarding a plane. “Thank you to all who bravely served under great pressure and in a terrible situation to bring the most vulnerable citizens to safety.”, The ministry adds.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson also addressed the gathering His thanks When more than 15,000 people were evacuated within two weeks, those who underwent surgery.

The Taliban has demanded that all foreign forces leave Afghanistan by August 31, a deadline for such evacuations, despite the large number of candidates leaving.

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Le Monde with AFP and Reuters