April 14, 2024

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EU warns Moscow after “illegal” referendum in occupied Ukraine

EU warns Moscow after “illegal” referendum in occupied Ukraine

The European Union warned Russia on Monday, September 11 that there would be “Effects” All organizations involved in the organization of elections in Ukrainian territories annexed by Moscow are considered illegal. The announcement follows the victory of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s party. “United Russia”These territories are located in the east and south of Ukraine. “We strongly reject Russia’s futile attempts to legalize or normalize its illegal military control and annexation of part of Ukrainian territory.”The European Union said in a statement. Follow our live stream.

Ukraine has announced that it has taken back an oil and gas platform in the Black Sea from the Russians. It has been controlled by Moscow since 2015. “Ukraine regains control of Whiskey Boyka”, the military intelligence of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense welcomed in a press release. Attacks between Ukrainian and Russian forces in the Black Sea have escalated since mid-July, when Russia slammed the door on a deal that would have allowed Ukrainian grain exports for a year after the war.

Ukrainian Defense Ministry claims “victory” on southern front. The Ukrainian military has made some progress in recent weeks as part of its counteroffensive. Ukrainian forces “Continue their offensive operations in the south” And “South of Robotine have recorded victories [localité reprise aux Russes fin août] and West of Verbo”Defense Deputy Minister Khanna Maliar announced on public television. Kiev says it is in the Verbov region of Zaporizhia “Pierced the First Line of Defense” Russian.

Moscow says it shot down two Ukrainian drones in the Belgorod region. “Our security system worked in the Yakovlevsky urban district: two aerial drones were shot down”The governor of the region, Vyacheslav Klatkov, said in a telegram, Debris from the equipment fell on the road near the residential building. Russia reported no casualties in the attacks.

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