April 13, 2024

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First look at Microsoft's new "One Outlook" email client for Windows 11

First look at Microsoft’s new “One Outlook” email client for Windows 11

Microsoft The new web-based Outlook client It was developed over a year ago at this point. In fact, the same client was leaked last year but could not be accessed by people outside the company, that is, until now. As of this morning, the app appears to be rolling out for work and education accounts, which means we can finally get our first look at Microsoft’s new Outlook email client.

The new application is very similar to the Outlook Web experience that you can find today by heading to Outlook.com. There are a couple of new additions that are exclusive to this client, such as the ability to configure the ribbon along the top for a more traditional Outlook style. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t work with personal email accounts yet, although we doubt we’ll add support for that once Microsoft officially announces the client.

The only other noticeable differences that we spotted with the client are that Microsoft has window controls built into the Outlook header to make it look more authentic to the operating system. Creating a message or creating a calendar event causes a new window to appear, just like the current desktop Outlook.

I mentioned Windows Central In January 2021, Microsoft hoped to eventually replace the built-in Mail and Calendar apps on Windows 10 and Windows 11 with this client. It’s still early days for that, as the app is flagged as “preview” or “beta” in many places. Microsoft also plans to ship this app on macOS and Linux eventually as well. After all, it’s just a web app.

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Microsoft has yet to officially announce this new email experience, but it will likely be revealed soon as the app looks relatively polished. 2022 will be released later this month, so we’ll probably see an official announcement there.

You can download the app from this linkor you can see more screenshots of the app below:

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