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Florida was inundated by Hurricane Ian


Like a tsunami, the water began to recede. Tampa Bay, on Florida’s west coast, was nearly empty on the morning of Wednesday, September 28, while Hurricane Ian, which gained power in the Gulf of Mexico after devastating Cuba, dragged water to her.

Later, it became a category 4 cyclone with winds of 250 km/h, speed beyond which he would have been assigned a strength of 5, exceptional. After 3 pm, it made landfall with its frenzied winds, and it brought the sea with it, which caused an inevitable rise in water, which in places reached 3.7 meters.

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Roads were closed, cars were floating in water, houses were almost submerged, it was a devastating deluge. A shark was even filmed swimming through the streets of Fort Myers.

Off the coast of Tampa Bay, Florida on September 28, 2022.

Officials constantly remind us that the rising water represents the greatest danger of hurricanes, more than the force of wind and rainfall, which can reach 60 centimeters in places. In the affected areas, authorities warned residents to take shelter on the highest floors of their homes and remain sheltered while the eye of the storm passed, giving a deceptive sense of calm as it was temporary.

“A Hurricane to Always Remember”

More than 2.5 million residents have been placed under mandatory evacuation orders. These orders aren’t actually mandatory — everyone can stay home — but they mean help won’t move until the storm is over. A news release from officials in the Fort Myers area recalled: “Relief begins rescue operations after the storm has passed. It can last all night. »

The weather services have also issued tornado warnings — which may actually come with tornadoes. One of them also destroyed passenger planes at an airport north of Miami.

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“Don’t go out during this typhoon. It’s going to be really big. A whirlwind to remember forever”Florida’s Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, warned Wednesday that he estimates it will be one of the five most powerful hurricanes ever to hit the state. The last major hurricanes to hit Florida were Michael (Category 5, 2018), Irma (Category 4, 2017), five in 2004–2005, one in 1995, and the particularly destructive Andrew (Category 5), 1992. DeSantis said he would ask President Joe Biden for a natural disaster declaration for all of Florida, thereby opening up federal aid.

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