Thursday, July 25, 2024

Google Docs will start urging some users to type in a less stupid way


Google Docs may soon suggest ways to improve the quality of your writing in addition to a straightforward fix Rules and spelling errors, the The company announced. A purple squiggly line will appear under the suggestions to help make your writing more concise, comprehensive, and active, or to warn you about inappropriate words.

These new Google suggestions have long been available via third-party services like grammar, which can integrate with Google Docs and is intended to help improve the quality of your writing. Depending on the quality of Google’s original suggestions, it can significantly reduce the need for these third-party services. Do you consider “SherlockingWhen does someone other than Apple do it?

Purple underline at work.
Image: google

The catch is that Google doesn’t roll out these assistive typing features for all of its workspace plans. It says “Tone and Style” suggestions will be available for “Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, and Enterprise Plus, [and] Education Plus subscribers”. Meanwhile, Word Warnings will be available in Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Fundamentals, Education Standard, Education Plus, [and] Teaching and learning even plans. This means that if you’re on a basic plan like Google Workspace Essentials, you won’t get any of the feature set.

Google has been in a bit of a mess lately with the new Google Docs features. Just this week it was announced Markdown support To the delight of anyone who likes to use text shortcuts instead of keyboard shortcuts to format their writing. And last month I started releasing a new version View “No Pages” for Documents, which formats your document according to the size of a window rather than a (increasingly default) piece of paper. If you are like me and rarely actually print your work, I highly recommend giving it a try.

Both sets of assistive typing features are rolling out over the next two weeks for express release domains, but most customers will see their roll out gradually in the second half of April. They will be turned on by default, but can be turned off by workspace administrators or end users.

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