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The Best (and Worst) April Fools' Jokes for Games of 2022

The Best (and Worst) April Fools’ Jokes for Games of 2022

A portrait of a horse crew member in space.

picture: Innersloth

April Fools’ Day is finally upon us, or as our UK editor John Walker likes to call it: “International Lie Day”. Never fear, readers. we Kotaku Bloggers are always on the lookout for any ads that look a bit too good or too weird to be true. Not me, though. Some pretty good April Fools’ jokes not Yet – many of them are actually real. Here are some of the things I spotted in the wild:

vocal boundaries Collector’s Edition

Today, Sonic’s official Japanese account tweeted details of the collector’s release of vocal boundaries. Includes wooden bath bucket, Sonic print towel, waterproof Sega Genesis, non-waterproof Game Gear, and rubber duck. If it were real, it would retail for just over $260. Sadly, our dreams of playing Sega Genesis in the bathtub may never become a reality.

Simulated goat Musical directed by Steve-O

Simulated goat It already seems like a fantasy, but the official account took it a step further. The poster notes that the movie accepts open calls, but don’t expect your audition to go anywhere. It’s not personal. You can watch a short trailer on tik tok. All that being said, Coffee Stain Studios PR told him Kotaku“As history has proven, with Simulated goat everything is possible. If the Internet requires it, we will! “

Jinshin effect Announcing the game Abyss Vector

Hoyoverse knows that a good chunk of fans want to kiss the evil Abyss Lector, and they’re not afraid to tap into their thirst for April Fools’ influence. Responsible Day Jinshin effect The Twitter account retweeted a Stop-Motion video from its official fanworks account that showed the “playstyle” of the adorable chibi Abyss Vector character. Players previously met the so-called “Enjou” during the Enkanomiya event, where he captured the heart of the community by being a huge flirt. Unfortunately, Abyss Impact is not likely to be playable at all.

Between us Decides to “ride”

Innersloth must be stopped. This year , Between us Developers not only Reuse an old joke About their crewmates, they’re quite observant, too. From now until 8 PM ET, you can play the special “Horse Mode” by updating to the latest version of the game. It features the “neighing” killing sound by programmer Innersloth and new killing animation for crooks. While the rest of us might ask “Why?” Between us He asks “Why not?”

Turn on cookies: Kingdom Turns cookies into hotties and eldritch objects

Originally Posted by ribbedMobile Strategy RPG Turn on cookies: Kingdom He was turning cookies into…well, humans. Apparently, that’s what counts when your game is about cocoa and raspberry cookies. To be fair, some twists a lot more weird looking.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses tea set

I once again ask video game companies not to advertise fake things that I really want. I am shocked to tell you that in charge Fire Emblem: Three Houses Today’s tea set was revealed on April Fools’ Day. The set features an adorable gift box, a cute tea cup and saucer, and a blend of every type of tea in the game. Smart systems, I will never forgive you for this.

short walkbadminton mode

This is what I like to see: a joke that becomes something I can actually play with. If you want to play short walk With up to 99 friends, you can download the multiplayer mode at Itch Free. The developer will not support the mode forever, but is encouraging players to host the mode on their own server. The Department of Defense will have server support for two weeks.

Corsair one-key mechanical keyboard

Corsair announced the CORSAIR K1 RGB today. No matter how “technologically advanced” K1 is, I don’t think anyone will be able to play elden ring with her. To be more rude, the key used primarily in the video is “F.” So you may not be able to jump or move, but at least you will be able to express your respect.

Twitch adds meme-y streaming categories

Have you ever wished you could easily watch your favorite content creators eat pizza, read in silence, spend twenty years creating character, finishing chores, or broadcasting without a microphone or sound? I’m sorry to disappoint you. Twitch has posted these categories as April Fools’ jokes, which means they probably aren’t upcoming features on the platform.

We will continue to update this list as more companies post their jokes.

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