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Google forced to end sales of Play Store apps in Russia


Zoom / Google doodles for Russia National Day 2016.

Google no longer offers paid apps or paid app updates to Russian users. new support page– I spotted it for the first time 9to5Google—says, “Google Play prohibits downloading of paid apps and updates of paid apps in Russia as of May 5, 2022.”

Several companies have voluntarily halted their business in Russia in response to the invasion of Ukraine, but Google makes clear that it is not voluntarily ending payments in the country. In March, Google said it had to “pause” the billing system for users “due to a payment system crash”. (The Big four credit Card The companies voluntarily pulled out of Russia in March due to the invasion of Ukraine, which made it impossible for Google to offer paid apps.) Now Google says blocking paid apps is “part of our compliance efforts.”

“Users cannot purchase apps and games, make subscription payments, or make any in-app purchases of digital goods with Google Play in Russia,” the page says. Free apps will continue to be available, and paid apps you purchased will still be available for download and use, but any purchases will now show an error message. Subscriptions will not be renewed and will be cancelled. Since Google is only dealing with the lack of credit card processing, it says developer payments to Russian developers will continue.

Google has Blog post Resuming its efforts to help Ukraine, but continuing to do business in Russia makes it a big tech country. MicrosoftAnd appleAnd Intel CorporationAnd nearly 1000 Other companies have exited Russia, while Google has been accused of being the “most Putin-compliant US tech censor” of late. Forbes Article – commodity. One of the reasons for Google’s compliance with Russia is that the country has one of the most competitive search markets in the world. Google search is in 2nd place In Russia, behind the largest technology company in Russia, Yandex. If Google leaves the country or is fired, it risks losing the entire market.

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