Sunday, July 21, 2024

Smartphones are like cars. Why don’t we preserve them?


You can also create an annual calendar reminder for a phone check. This may include simple steps such as Purge apps and photos you no longer need To free up digital storage, which may speed up the phone backup process.

Another catalyst may be doing the calculations. For about $70, you can have your phone’s battery replaced at a repair shop, making this a relatively cost-effective repair. Let’s say in two years, you trade in your $800 phone for $300 in credit toward your new $800 model. This spends $500 on the phone every two years; Over the course of eight years, you will have spent $2,800 on phones. In contrast, if you keep the $800 phone and replace two batteries for $70 each, you’ll spend $940 in the same period. For many, especially families with multiple phones, this adds up to big savings.

Lee Vinsel, author ofThe illusion of innovationA book about how our obsession with the novel killed the art of maintenance. This also includes resisting the urge to judge others who do not have the latest tools.

“A cultural shift has to happen,” said Mr. Wensel. “We need to stop getting caught up in the hype and just think about the bigger picture, including the environment.”

However, it should be noted that some common phone problems may be impractical to fix. Example: when I broke my iPhone 12 screenA replacement part from Apple costs about $300. If the cost of repair approaches the price of a new device, it may make sense to purchase a replacement device. (However, I paid to fix it because I’m connected to the phone).

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But the situation for phone repairs is improving. Last year, the Federal Trade Commission announced that it would Suppressing the companies that prevented people from reform their products or merchandise. and New York state law passed in Junewhich would require tech companies to unlock access to electronics repair and diagnostics tools, pending a signature from Gov. Cathy Hochhol.

As a result of all organizational movements, reform gradually became simpler. What needs to change next is how we think.