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Hamas says that Marwan Issa, Muhammad al-Deif's deputy, was liquidated


Hamas announced behind closed doors that Marwan Issa, Hamas’s deputy military commander, Mohammed Deif, who was targeted in an Israeli raid last week, has been killed, according to a report published by Kan News on Sunday, citing Palestinian sources.

According to the sources, the third man in the senior leadership of the Hamas movement was killed in an Israeli army raid on Nuseirat in central Gaza, while he was hiding in one of Hamas’ terrorist tunnels.

The third man in Hamas is still buried under the tunnel of terrorism

Sources told Kan TV that his body is still buried under the rubble.

According to the report, Razi Abu Toma, commander of one of the Hamas brigades, was also killed in the raid.

Fighters of the Palestinian Hamas movement take part in an anti-Israel demonstration in Gaza City, May 22, 2021. (Reuters/Mohamed Salem)

Last week, the Israeli army announced that it targeted Issa during a raid on the Strip. However, the army was unable to confirm Issa's death, and Hamas remained silent on the matter.

But the army confirmed that there were no hostages in the vicinity of the attack.

According to a report I published guardian On Sunday, after the attack, Hamas communications stopped for 72 hours.

Intelligence expert Avi Melamed told the British newspaper that “a human asset,” or rather an official in the terrorist group, is the only one who can confirm “where and when Jesus was hiding.” [and] He will remain there until the Council of Ministers approves the operation and the Israeli army launches it.

He added that Israel “had to confirm that there were no Israeli prisoners being held near it as human shields.”

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Following the attack, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a video: “We are on our way to complete victory.” “We have already killed the fourth man in Hamas; “Three, two, and one on the way.”

“We will reach everyone,” he concluded.