May 29, 2024

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Health pass accepted, political turmoil in Tunisia and disappointment for triathletes

Did you miss the early morning news? We have created a restoration to help you see more clearly.

The biggest protests on Saturday against the new health rules will not have much impact on delegates and senators. Extension of Health Pass Sunday evening was definitively adopted. The ‘
National Assembly The parliamentary marathon started on Tuesday with a huge vote, with 156 votes for the majority and the right, the Left and the RN. 60 against, and 14 votes. Slightly provocative, Health Minister
Oliver Warren Welcoming the “rediscovered national unity” after a total of sixty hours of discussion in both chambers. This is because some time ago, the right-wing Senate voted 195 to 129 against and 17 against.

But who has the power this Monday Tunisia ? The situation is particularly confusing and tense, with the main party in power being Ennada. ”
Rebellion “President Gais Syed decided to suspend parliament for 30 days on Sunday evening and, after a day of protests, to grant him executive power.

However he is a favorite for the Tokyo Olympic triathlon run this Monday morning. But, Vincent Louis was far from the stage. Norwegian winner Christian Blumenfeld was thirteen minutes past, so he failed to destroy Rio’s disappointment, He finished 7th after highlighting the running race. His first two World Championship titles (2019 and 2020) further strengthened his ambitions, but “the game, there is a date, we have to be ready. I am not, ”he admits. Our special envoy to Japan is coming back for you for this bitter defeat at the French camp, and that is it
This way.

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