May 25, 2024

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Here are the 30 least visited countries in the world

Here are the 30 least visited countries in the world

2023 is set to break tourism records and many countries will once again be inundated with hordes of tourists. Italy, Spain, France, Greece… There is no mystery in these countries that always attract the most visitors. But do you know the least visited countries in the world?

A globetrotter traveled to all the countries of the planet from 2007 to 2017 and wanted to share this list of countries through the prism of his experiences as an explorer. Through rankings based on real statistical data, it answers the question: What is happening in the least visited countries in the world?

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on the site OneStep4ward, The 30 least-visited countries fall into four main categories, according to Traveller: South Pacific islands, war zones, small African countries that are difficult to access, and police states like North Korea and Turkmenistan.

1. Somalia, less than 100 visitors per year

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Somalia is often considered the most dangerous country in the world. But Globetrotter points out a geographic nuance that viewers tend to forget. Somaliland is a self-declared state in the north that has its own currency and government. Many travelers come to this state thinking it is Somalia. However, it is not. Not less than 100 visitors a year in Somalia, even 20 underline the blogger. However, he fully admits to being “cheated” by going to Somaliland.

2. Yemen, less than 500 visitors per year

Yemen’s civil war has devastated the country. Almost inaccessible today, this country once enjoyed a rich heritage and became an exceptional tourist destination. Globetrotter emphasizes how difficult it is to get there.

He advises that it is necessary to buy flight tickets in cash either via Cairo in Egypt or via Abu D’Habit. Crossing the continent is not easy, visas are rare and the route dangerous. On the other hand, our explorer was very impressed with the island of Socotra, which is always safe and accessible.

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3. Equatorial Guinea, less than 1,000 visitors per year

“Majesty”, “Heaven”. These are the words our adventurer chose to describe his experience in this small island country off the west coast of Africa. The waterfalls of Ilachis and Korisco Island completely enchanted him. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get a visa, if by chance you can find it, you can get there from Paris, London or Lagos.

4. Tuvalu, 2,000 visitors per year

It is the 4th smallest country in the world with a population of less than 11,000 in an area of ​​26 square kilometers. Be careful, the island is so small – almost – nothing to do according to the backpacker. The program includes walking, tanning and tasting cocktails on this island paradise. Transport facilities to reach the island are not plentiful. So you have to fly to Tuvalu via Fiji.

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5. Kiribati, about 4,000 visitors per year

The island’s beautiful landscapes hide the stark poverty. Like Tuvalu, Explorer says there won’t be many activities on the island other than a little walking, swimming or enjoying the landscape while sipping a cold drink. However, the latter notes that flights are very expensive and the only way to get there is via Nadi, Fiji or Brisbane in Australia.

6. South Sudan, about 5,500 visitors per year

As a result of the armed struggle, South Sudan is actually a new country. According to the backpacker’s log book, this can be the most dangerous country you can visit. In his account, he describes his experience with riots and daily curfews. As for souvenir photos, you can forget: taking pictures is illegal in the entire country.

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7. Marshall Islands, about 6,000 visitors per year

It is an archipelago lost in the Pacific Ocean. To give you an idea, according to the traveller, the only reason to go to the island is because of the sudden desire to visit the countries of the world! As for the atmosphere, we will depart one day Inactivity.

You can enhance your stay even more with some sea excursions for scuba diving. A popular travel diary mentions that moving is difficult due to lack of transportation. Getting there is not difficult and almost everyone can get a visa easily.

8. Libya, about 6,000 visitors per year

For a long time, the political situation in Libya has been a country marked by severe irregularities. Historically part of the Roman Empire, it passed into the hands of the Italians in the 20th century and then under Gaddafi’s rule.

Today various groups claim control of the country. Getting a visa is nearly impossible and, as Backpacker points out, the easiest way to set foot in the country is to get there via Tunisia, Turkey or Egypt.

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9. Sao Tome and Principe, about 8,000 visitors per year

Another island paradise! Colonized by Portugal in the 15th century, the country became independent in 1975. Two islands, São Tomé and Príncipe, are full of tourist activities, although the number of annual visitors is low. For our dear intrepid adventurer, this is “Africa’s best country”. The reason? Safety, beauty, and accessibility make the experience “intelligent,” we read.

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10. Turkmenistan, less than 9,000 visitors per year

Surrounded by Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Afghanistan, Globetrotter says Turkmenistan is characterized by its vast plains and its beautiful Turkmen culture. The latter says he had an “incredible” adventure in this vast country where visas are notoriously difficult to obtain. Unable to fly two visa refusal! That is.

The rest of the list of least visited countries in the world visited by globetrotters

11. Mali, 14,000 visitors per year

12. Afghanistan, about 20,000 visitors per year

13. Federated States of Micronesia, 19,000 visitors per year

14. Solomon Islands, 27,000 visitors per year

15. Mauritania, 30,000 visitors per year

16. Comoros, 36,000 visitors per year

17. Liberia, 45,000 visitors per year

18. Guinea, 45,000 visitors per year

19. Guinea-Bissau, 45,000 visitors per year

20. Djibouti, 51,000 visitors per year

21. Tonga, 54,000 visitors per year

22. Sierra Leone, 57,000 visitors per year

23. Dominica, 63,000 visitors per year

24. Timor Leste, 75,000 visitors per year

25. St. Vincent and the Grenadines, 80,000 visitors per year

26. San Marino, 84,000 visitors per year

27. Liechtenstein, 85,000 visitors per year

28. North Korea, about 100,000 visitors per year

29. Eritrea, 142,000 visitors per year

30. Moldova, 145,000 visitors per year

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