June 26, 2024

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Human rights in Russia have ‘significantly deteriorated’, says UN

Human rights in Russia have ‘significantly deteriorated’, says UN

Human rights situation “Significantly Deteriorated” In Russia since the invasion of Ukraine, Monday, September 18 was underlined. First report of experts mandated by the UN Human Rights Council. The text documents that “Russian authorities have severely restricted freedom of association, peaceful assembly, and expression both online and offline, and have fundamentally undermined the independence of the judiciary and fair trial guarantees”. According to the expert, Mariana Katharova, “The situation had already been in steady decline for the past two decades, thanks to the two wars in Chechnya that ended in 2009.”. Follow our live stream.

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kyiv shoots down drones and demands advance. The Ukrainian military said it shot down 18 drones and 17 missiles launched by Russia overnight from Sunday to Monday. kyiv added Liberation of 7 km2 in the east and south of the country occupied by the Russian army. Since the counteroffensive began, kyiv says it has recaptured 51 km2 around Bagmut and 262 km2 in the southern part of the front..

The drones were shot down by Russian authorities. Overnight from Sunday to Monday, Russia said it shot down several Ukrainian drones in Crimea, which is annexed by the Moscow region, and in Belgorod and Voronezh, near Ukraine. There was no loss of life or damage. “Production workshops of Kharkiv armor plant hit by missile attack”.Ministry of Defense added.

Kim Jong-un was pleased with his visit to Ukraine. The North Korean dictator expressed his opinion “Thank you very much” to Vladimir Putin after six days in Russia, the official North Korean news agency KCNA said on Monday. Kim Jong Un congratulated “Prosperity to Russia and well-being to her people”. This visit was reinforced “Fighter Unity” Both countries, while “Opening a New Chapter” Their relations, Pyongyang wants to believe.

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Official visit of a Chinese minister to Russia. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is visiting Russia from Monday to Thursday at the invitation of the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation. Both men have it “Detailed exchange of views on issues related to resolving the situation in Ukraine, as well as ways to ensure stability and security in the Asia-Pacific region”A spokesperson said.