April 13, 2024

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If Nothing Phone 1 isn’t cheap, it will fail

Nothing promises a “fast and smooth” software experience, a pure Android-based look, and an “iconic” design. In case you forgot, 2014 one plus one It has been described as having a “fast and smooth” experience, a skin close to stock Android, and its own premium design (sandstone texture). But there is one area where absolutely nothing needs inspiration from the OnePlus One, and that is the pricing strategy. Any misstep there may make or break none’s aspirations.

Go home cheap or go home

OnePlus One back texture and camera details

Chris Carlon / Android Authority

People have inevitably drawn comparisons between OnePlus and Nothing, given Pei’s involvement in both brands’ rise to fame as well as the aforementioned similarities between the OnePlus One and Nothing Phone 1. The former is still fondly remembered for its absolutely insane $299 price tag back in the day. 2014, and hopefully the latter will emulate this part of the strategy as well.

Sure, smartphone prices have skyrocketed since then due to inflation, supply chain issues, and more powerful (and expensive) processors. But entering the competition is still a common strategy for new brands entering the market hoping to disrupt it. Huawei did this with the Ascend P1 and Ascend P6, Realme did it with the Realme 1, Xiaomi did it with the Mi 1, and yes, OnePlus did it too.

Nothing to learn from the likes of Xiaomi, Huawei and others who all started at a low price.

So it makes sense that no one should take this same price-conscious approach – unless they want to go the way of red hydrogen one And Amazon Fire Phone and be one of the wonders. So basic, with all the hype and excitement, I stumbled upon $700 primary phone. Admittedly, the phone wasn’t priced terribly for 2017, but it did get a $200 cut in the months after launch. Nothing should not take a risk.

Even if Pei is talking big game by positioning the brand as Apple’s competitor and market disruptor, nothing doesn’t have the aura or the well-intentioned credit from the well-established smartphone maker. Stratospheric prices may make the Phone 1 an aspirational device for many enthusiasts, but the lower prices will make them open their wallets. And when you’re a “kids” company, you want sales numbers, not ambitions.

Should Nothing Phone 1 be cheaper than the competition?

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Cheap or affordable, these are the only options

If a premium experience can’t mesh with the $299 price tag in 2022—and for good reason—there’s still room for something that’s more attractive and competitive at higher prices, but still affordable.

The smartphone market has matured a lot since the launch of OnePlus One, due to the emergence of premium and mid-range flagships. This has created a gap in affordable flagship phones that are more than just regular phones with high-end silicon.