May 27, 2024

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In China, Bashar al-Assad concluded a “strategic partnership” with Xi Jinping

In China, Bashar al-Assad concluded a “strategic partnership” with Xi Jinping

President Xi Jinping on Friday welcomed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who arrived in China on Thursday, September 21, for a five-day visit. Both leaders announced the formation of a “Strategic Partnership” between the two countries. “In the international situation full of uncertainty and uncertainty, China is ready to continue to work with Syria, support each other, promote friendly cooperation, and jointly uphold international justice and justice”The Chinese president announced. “The Chinese side will continue to provide all possible assistance to Syria and support Syrian reconstruction and recovery efforts.”A joint press release said.

“This visit is very important because of its time and circumstances, because today a multipolar world is emerging to restore balance and international stability”For his part, he underlined the Syrian dictator. “I thank you and the Chinese government for everything you have done to stand with the Syrian people in their problems and trials.”Bashar al-Assad announced, as quoted by the official Syrian agency SANA.

The visit marks a new diplomatic victory for Bashar al-Assad. Banished by the international community for the bloody suppression of the March 2011 uprising and the atrocities he committed during the civil war, the dictator is seeking to strengthen his legitimacy on the international stage. Syria’s readmission to the Arab League in May, encouraged by Saudi Arabia, was the first gesture of support for its rehabilitation. By arriving in China to meet President Xi Jinping, nineteen years as a young head of state, Bashar al-Assad secured the support of a second world power that aims to strengthen its influence in the Middle East.

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For Assad, the primary issue is the economy

Bashar al-Assad is scheduled to attend the opening ceremony of the Asian Games hosted by China on Saturday in the southeastern city of Hangzhou, where digital giant Alibaba is headquartered. Apart from Xi Jinping and Bashar al-Assad, the leaders of six countries (Cambodia, South Korea, Kuwait, Malaysia, Nepal and Timor-Leste) will also attend. On this occasion, Xi is to preside over a dinner to help bring Syria out of its diplomatic isolation.

Bashar al-Assad arrived in China on an Air China flight with his wife. On Friday, the couple visited a Buddhist temple where, according to the campaign, tourists gave them a warm welcome.

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