May 30, 2024

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“Israeli extremists” set fire to UNRWA offices in East Jerusalem

“Israeli extremists” set fire to UNRWA offices in East Jerusalem

UNRWA was the target of the firing attempt. So the UN Refugee Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East announced on Thursday evening that it was closing its offices in East Jerusalem. “Israeli terrorists” had “set fire” to open areas of the compound, his boss announced.

On Thursday evening, “the Israelis twice set fire to the perimeter of the UNRWA headquarters in occupied East Jerusalem” with “UNRWA personnel and other UN agencies” inside, Philippe Lazzarini explained in X. hurt”.

Condemning “the second heinous incident in less than a week” by “Israeli extremists” and “the loss of the lives of UN staff,” he added, “I have taken the decision to close the compound until adequate security is re-established. It is in grave danger.”

“Burn the United Nations!” »

These UNRWA offices include a service station for the UN agency’s vehicles, he stressed, adding that “it is the responsibility of the State of Israel as an occupying power to ensure that United Nations personnel and facilities are protected at all times.”

In a video posted on his account, shot from outside the UN compound, protesters chanted “Burn the United Nations!” “, on the other side of a wire fence, a UN staffer puts out burning vegetation with a garden hose.

“In recent months, UN staff have been subjected to constant harassment and intimidation. Our compound has been heavily vandalized and damaged. On several occasions, Israeli militants have threatened our staff with weapons,” he said on Thursday evening.