June 19, 2024

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In Iran, dozens of schoolgirls were poisoned to death in Tehran province

In Iran, dozens of schoolgirls were poisoned to death in Tehran province

After a series of similar attacks elsewhere in Iran, dozens of schoolgirls were poisoned to death on Tuesday, February 28, at the Ghayam school in the city of Bardis, east of Tehran, local media reported.

“So far, thirty-five students have been shifted to hospital and the school has emergency services to control the situation”, said Tasnim news agency. None of these schoolgirls were in a state of anxiety after inhaling the mysterious gaseous substance in their company.

The joint poisoning case began in late November 2022, when the media reported the first cases of respiratory tract poisoning in hundreds of young girls aged around 10 in schools in the holy city of Qom in central Iran. Some were hospitalized for some time.

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The Ministry of Health has given an explanation on Sunday “certain persons” By this action, tried “Close all schools, especially girls’ schools”. This is what they use “Available Chemical Compounds” In the market, excluding goods, he said “For Military Use”.

Silence from the authorities

The case sparked a wave of anger in the country, where voices were raised condemning the authorities’ silence in the face of a growing number of schools. On September 16, 2022, Iran was rocked by a protest movement after the death of a young woman named Mahza Amini, who was detained by the morality police for allegedly violating the strict dress code imposed on women who wear women. Veil in public.

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Authorities have announced an investigation into the origin of the poison, but no arrests have been made at this point. FARS announced that the company will conduct“Emergency Meeting” to Parliament to inquire into the matter, with the participation of the Ministers of Education, Intelligence and Health.

Speaker of Parliament Baqer Ghalibaf said on Tuesday “Kom and Borujert are the only two cities”In the west of the country, there was “Targeted”The official agency IRNA reported.

But MP Abdolali Rahimi said the number of affected cities is “more than two”Students from Kawar (South) also claimed to have been poisoned.

Qom Member of Parliament Ahmed Amiri Farahani condemned the attacks “Irrational Action” and referred to as the inhabitants of the holy city “Supporting Girls’ Education”. For his part, former vice-president Masoume Eftekar, a reformer, urged the government. “We need to put an end to the rabid misogynists once and for all”.

A Shiite dignitary, Ayatollah Javad Alavi-Boroujerdi, for his part, was upset. “Conflicting Statements by Authorities” Regarding the origin of the case. “One official cites deliberate poisoning, another blames the failure of the heating system… Such contradictions reinforce people’s distrust of the state”He ruled according to the Shafagna agency.

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