May 26, 2024

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In Kherson, people were caught between floods and fighting

In Kherson, people were caught between floods and fighting


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S. Perez, C. Cormery, L. Lavie, B. Padalka, A. Makrushin – France 2

France Televisions

After a nearby dam burst, flooding Kherson, Ukraine, the collapse began and revealed mangled streets. At the same time, the fighting and shelling did not stop.

In Kherson (Ukraine), Russian bombs continue to fall. One of them injured 20 people on Saturday, June 17. Ten days after the bursting of the Kagovka Dam and the subsequent catastrophic flooding, the flooding began. Retired Lyudmila returns home for the first time. His house is nothing but a mess of sheet metal and waterlogged furniture. “I have nowhere to go, I have worked for 66 years and I have nothing“, she believes in despair, the destruction of the dam “even worse” rather than explosions.

Fear of infections

The surroundings are in disrepair. For its 800 residents, who have already endured eight months of Russian occupation, the list of hardships seems endless. They now fear epidemics. Gregory, from his garden filled with stagnant water, worries. “We’re really afraid of bacteria. We’re afraid of catching diseases. Do you smell gasoline? It gets stronger and stronger.”laments that.

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