May 21, 2024

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In Spain, when dogs take the place of children

In Spain, when dogs take the place of children

A couple waits with their dogs to be blessed on the feast of Saint Anthony in Suriana near Malaga in 2016. Jorge Guerrero/AFP

Investigate – The Iberian Journal draws a parallel between the drop in births and the rise in quadruplets, especially after Covid.


It’s a welcoming system spread across Madrid. “Some people are overstimulated and when they have time to sleep, they do nothing and are bored. We hear someone inside. You have to tell them no, or tell them what you expect from them, and not everyone knows how to do that. These are some tips from Paula López de María, founder of Daycare, located next to Retiro, a large park in downtown Madrid. Ah, one last thing for the road: “Sometimes we have to Remind their owners that they are dogs

Because Walk Walk is a… dog daycare. Unlike a dog kennel or kennel, a campus where you leave your quad for a few hours on a weekday, not on a holiday, in the city center and surrounding countryside. For 7 euros per hour or 22 euros per day, Médor can be taken for walks, recreation and socializing. Paula opened the first doggie daycare in 2016, and later a…

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