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Injury after an attack on the metro, is this an attack?


New York shooting. On Tuesday, April 12, 2022, the New York Police Department provided the final elements after the shooting that injured several people in the subway. Results and final elements.

[Mise à jour le 12 avril 2022 à 23h32] The shooting on Tuesday, April 12 in a subway in New York could have killed many more. The New York Post reports that 29 people were wounded, 10 of them with bullets, and according to police sources, the weapon of the attack was stuck in the middle of the gunfire, perhaps preventing him from committing the actual murder. “She’s lucky to be trapped, otherwise we’re talking about many people in hospitals or worse,” law enforcement sources said.

Please note that this is contrary to what was initially reported by many local media outlets (NB News, NY Mail And NY Times), No death is to be regretted at present. If the health of five people is particularly worrying, their main prognosis is not involved. The alleged perpetrator of the incident in the Brooklyn district, south of the largest city in the United States, has not yet been arrested by police.

A shooting in New York

Definitions of the shooting that took place are beginning to take shape. Police were called in New York at 8:27 a.m. (2:27 p.m. in France) after a man was shot in the subway in Brooklyn County. According to police sources New York Times, The shooter is said to have detonated a smoke bomb inside the metro train before firing on the train. At the “36th Street” station, passengers panicked from the train. “36th Street” Station is a station south of the city that is particularly busy with five subway stops in the Sunset Park District. It is located at the intersection of 4th Avenue and 36th Street.

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Is this an attack?

For the time being, officials are only talking about the shooting and the removal of the terrorist path, New York Police Commissioner Keechen Sewell announced. He added that no bomb had been found in the car in which the shooting took place. In New York, shootings continue in the city. The NY Times Last week, three teenagers were killed in front of a high school, or in 2021, four were killed and three were injured in a shooting in front of a community club. In all, in the first quarter of 2022, the New York Police Department recorded 296 shootings, an increase of 260 compared to the same period in 201.

Who is the accused?

New York police are on the hunt for a man who has not yet been arrested by authorities. According to police, the individual was wearing a gas mask and an orange construction blouse over a blue dress, apparently working for the New York City Transportation Agency. He weighs about 1m65 relative to about 80kg.

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