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Istanbul's treasures await you with this irresistible offer for less than 200 euros.


Your next vacation is just around the corner and you're looking for a place to pack your bags? Find a good plan for the day to inspire you. Treat yourself to a last-minute stay in Istanbul from 186 euros.

Istanbul is a big city located in Turkey. Does this city mean anything to you? This is normal as it attracts more passengers. It promises a particularly rich and diverse culture if it is located between Europe and Asia. Plan an unforgettable trip by booking your stay in Istanbul now on the last minute website. Unique of its kind, Istanbul has a peculiar history. As many empires ruled over the city, we see Roman, Egyptian, Ottoman influences, as well as monuments of Catholic and Muslim inspiration. Thanks to this cultural wealth, four of the city's historic districts have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Being one of the most populous cities in the country, it is bustling day and night. One thing is for sure, your vacation will not be boring.

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Enjoy a variety of landscapes as you depart for Istanbul

Among the many existing historical buildings is the famous Hagia Sophia located in Sultanahmet Square. Although it is surprising, it was converted into a mosque before ending up as a museum. Head to Çamlıca Hill to enjoy an exceptional panorama. If you want to immerse yourself in Turkish culture and traditions, stroll through the Grand Bazaar, relax in a hammam and admire the whirling dervishes during a nightly performance. With today's offer, you will benefit from flight tickets from the city of your choice and a 3-day and two-night stay at a 4-star hotel. By booking before January 31, 2024 for a later trip, you'll benefit from a special price, so don't wait too long! Plan a last minute stay in Istanbul.

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